The release of 4-inch iPhone SE 2 had been for long shrouded in mystery and speculations. Reportedly, the SE 2, if released, would have offered premium iPhone X specs and features bundled together in a budget price. The iPhone SE 2 was aimed at emerging budget driven markets like India. But recent leaks suggest that Apple may have shelved the plans for the budget iPhone and potential buyers of the SE 2 may have to switch royalty to other budget offerings in the segment.

The iPhone SE 2 promised infinity display with iPhone Xs power. And with a price tag, almost half of that the Xs, the worlds biggest company was rest assured about the sales. However, all rumors in the tech gossip circles have been put to rest post a leak by case maker Olixar. For the time being, all we can do is to let go off the imaginations of iPhone SE 2.

iPhone SE 2 Rumors

Olixar, a renowned case maker, enjoys a repute for accurate leaks. It was also the first to share the detailed renders of the iPhone SE 2. Hence, there is some gravity in the claims and as of now, we don’t expect the curtains to be raised on the iPhone SE 2. Olixar claims that the next in line offering from the Apple Factory will include a 5.8-inch iPhone XI, 6.5-inch iPhone XI Plus and 6.1-inch iPhone 9. While the 5.8-inch iPhone XI, 6.5-inch iPhone XI Plus will come with a premium price tag, the 6.1-inch iPhone 9 will fill the budget slots across Apple Stores.

While these are still rumors but the track record of Olixar speak for itself. The case maker is known for hinting about the upcoming phones by launching their cases even beforehand. Nevertheless, rumors are still rumors and we would be more than glad if the recent one from Olixar turns out false.

iPhone SE 2 and The Apple EGO

Brand value drives numerous factors including monetary one. Apple prides in being an innovator (though most of its hot products have been improvements on existing cheap devices). But still, the fact remains that it thrives on a culture that introduces segment first premium expensive products. Hence for Apple to offer a budget segment phone post-iPhone X was a surprise in itself.

The budget segment is already fiercely competitive. Apple would only be riding on its brand value to drive sales in the budget segment.

iPhone SE 2 Mobile

This could also be a one-off failed experiment. For in the past too, Apple has worked on different products at a given time. But at the end, it zeroes-in on one premium product that subsumes all. The first iPhone was reportedly an iPod, a mobile, and an internet device- all packed into a single product. Moreover, Apple has had a casual affair with cheaper products. Remember…the colorful plastic iPhone 5c which was retired early despite good sales. Hence a similar faith for the iPhone SE 2 was always a possibility.

However, despite history suggesting the inevitable, we would keep our fingers crossed for now and hope that the iPhone SE 2 has not been canceled completely. But extending launch to 2019 probably is neither good too. A further one year delay could take away the eagerness and buzz that the iPhone SE 2 had generated.

Previous Rumors And Leaks of iPhone SE 2

iPhone SE 2: The Right Release Date

The all-new iPhone XI is slated for a September launch. Apple has three new products for the September event. Hence experts believe that squeezing in an early iPhone SE 2 launch would not have been clever play.

The iPhone SE 2 would have been clearly overshadowed by the glitz and glamor preceding the iPhone XI launch. Furthermore, the new iPhone SE 2’s absence at the WWDC was a good indicator of a possible delay. While some experts and analyst claimed mass production going on floors as early as first quarter of 2018 and swiftly followed by a May/June release, but Chinese accessory makers refuted such claims.

iPhone SE 2 Price

They believed that Apple had already used up all development resources at their disposal for the much-awaited premium iPhone XI along with two other models in the pipeline.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a prominent industry analyst, went as far to state that Apple does not have the capacity to make an iPhone SE 2 this year. All in all, the news and expert analysis suggest a longer than expected wait for the iPhone SE 2.

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iPhone SE 2 Budget Price

If released, the iPhone SE 2 would be the most affordable iPhone from the Apple factory. With a budget price tag of $450, the iPhone SE 2 was having a plan to gain a stronghold in a fiercely competitive price-driven segment. While the presently retired original iPhone SE 16 GB was priced at $399, the current price tag of the 32GB variant of the original iPhone SE is $349(£349, AU$549). The iPhone SE 2 would in all probability reflected only a slightly higher price tag.

iPhone SE 2 Design: A Mix of all or None

Smartphone designs have evolved tremendously since the last year or so. Hence, it was thought that Apple was standing on a double-edged sword as far as iPhone SE 2 Design is concerned. And there are two set of theories doing that were doing the rounds in social media circles. While the popular set of rumors hinted a smaller notch display like iPhone X.

iPhone SE 2 Notch

The same was confirmed by Olixar a.k.a Nostradamus of the Tech World. Reminiscent of the iPhone X,The Olixar cases for iPhone SE 2 signalled towards an all-screen front with a dual camera set up at the rear. Moreover, the sketch released by BGR showed all-screen front sans the home button as well as the headphone port.

The Sonny Dickson had also shared pictures of a screen guard for the iPhone SE 2. The screen protector reminded of a smaller notch display. However, overall it seemed to borrow its design from the ‘iPhone X Mini‘.

iPhone SE 2 Design

A dual camera at the front coupled with the all screen display promised a premium price-tag, something that did not suit the proposed price tag. Going by both the leaks, we at least assumed that the new iPhone SE 2 would have sported an all-screen display. Premium features like face recognition would have increased production cost. Apple would have probably cut back on premium features to stay competitive in a segment.

In seasoned leaker, we have pictures of two other leak which coincidentally appear more real and believable than the rest of the leaks. The first image suggests the iPhone SE 2 to inherit looks from its predecessor that is the original iPhone SE as well as sport a headphone port. While the second leak further indicated wireless charging support with slight tweaks in design.

The Specifications:

Apple iPhone SE 2 promised segment standard features and specifications. It would have carried the legacy of its predecessor forward. The original iPhone SE was packed with modest features. Popular tech-news platform Digitime claimed the iPhone SE 2 encased in a glass body with wireless charging support. The same was confirmed by Tekz24 too.

iPhone SE 2 Specifications

Tekz24 further reported that the iPhone SE 2 to be powered by Apple’s A10 Fusion chip coupled with 2 GB RAM. Two storage variants- 32GB and 128GB would have been on offer. If released, the iPhone SE 2 would have featured a 12 megapixel rear and 5 megapixels front camera.