Alloy wheels or rims are usually fitted in a motorbike to raise the appearance. Not only in Motorbikes, it is now-a day’s found in many other vehicles also. It’s like making your vehicle wear shoes. People’s main goal behind fitting alloy wheels is to increase the looks of it. But the actual story lying being is much more. Alloy wheels make the vehicle lighter while steel wheel increases the weight. This fact has some benefits as well as drawbacks which are discussed below:

Benefits of Alloy Wheels over Steel Wheels

  • Alloy wheels lighten the vehicle’s gross weight. This makes it easy to drive on highways. Two similar bikes when fitted with alloy and steel wheels respectively could make out the difference while performing.
  • Alloy wheels have good strength, besides the fact they are light.
  • These types of wheels are made up of alloys of Aluminium or magnesium, which have a property of faster heating and cooling. Hence the tyres remain cool throughout the journey due to crossing stream of air.

Motorbike alloy wheels or steel wheels

Benefits of Steel Wheels over Alloy Wheels

  • Steel wheels are heavier than alloy wheels. Hence, they definitely lag in terms of performance, but they serve as an escape for people residing in cold regions where snowfall is a daily headache during traffic.
  • Steel has the highest elasticity and hence, it doesn’t get cracked during any circumstances. However, steel may get bent, but that would happen under the worst scenario.
  • Steel wheels are inexpensive and cheaper by upto 90% than alloy wheels. Hence, any loss of them would not be a heavy kick to the pocket.

Motorbike alloy wheels or steel wheels

Besides, many advantages and disadvantages of both, Indian public prefer alloy wheels over steel. The looks which a bike produce after employing them on duty becomes great. Most of the companies have started providing alloys with each and every model and this has become the latest trend in the segment. However, there is a possibility to attach them externally.

alloy wheels or steel wheels for motorbike

Getting a steel rim bike modified with alloy wheels could be a tricky job. One should be aware of good brands which deal in such products. Also, one of the most important aspects to considered is the wheel size. Sizing up or down from original may affect the stability and riding manners of the bike which is not a favourable option. The dimensions of the wheel should be kept firm so as to get the best out of your bike.