Braking is a primary concern in the motorcycle, whether it is drum or disc brakes; both the braking systems play an important role by reducing the speed of the vehicle. Thus, the powerful braking systems are essentially used in the cars and supersports motorcycles. The brakes are working on the algorithm of energy type, which generate a friction in the respect of energy. To enhance the stopping performance, the several two-wheeler makers have used the standard braking system. The Brembo and Bybre are the most famous brands in the field of automotive disc brake technology, that offers the disc brake to the largest two-wheeler makers.

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The braking system is categorized into a various as combined braking system, drum brake, disc brake and anti-lock braking system (ABS).

Combined Braking System

The combined braking system is an excellent braking system which provides a dynamic maneuverability and smooth braking performance. The combined braking system works in well-manner to make braking comfortable and safe. Whenever, you apply the rear brake in fast speed, then it generates pressure at the front and rear wheels to reduce the speed of the vehicle.

combined braking system

The Combined Braking System (CBS) is an advanced braking system which is used in Honda’s motorcycles and scooters. The combined braking system is integrated braking system which generates a braking force in the front brake. The rear hydraulic brake has been integrated with a pressure control valve (PCV), whereas the delay valve has been added to the front brake caliper. Let’s see how it works, when you applied the rear brake then the hydraulic pressure is applied to the PCV and delay valve, the hydraulic pressure applied to the rear brake, which is transmitted to the PCV and activates the rear brake. And when you apply the rear brake harder, the hydraulic pressure increases, and the delay valve open and the front brake is activated.

Drum brake

drum brake

The drum brake is a traditional type of braking system, which is used in many commuter motorcycles and scooters. The drum brake has two semi-circular brake shoes that are located in a drum in the wheel hub and has a piston. When you applied the front and rear brake then the piston pushes the brake shoes against the drum. The drum brakes give good response over any kind of surfaces if you are riding the motorcycle over 50-55 KMPH

Disc brake

disk brake

Each passing day, the requirement of disc brake in the motorcycle is increasing rapidly as the disc brake becomes the first choice in the motorcycle of rider. Furthermore, the number of two-wheeler makers are using disc brakes in their motorcycles and scooters. Most modern motorcycles have disc brakes in the both ends and some have disc brakes at the front wheel. The disc brake is categorized in two types as single-piston caliper and double-piston calipers. The disc brake is responsible for providing an excellent stopping power.

Tips for Safe Braking: If your motorcycle is featured with front disc brake, that you should apply front brake smoothly along with rear drum brake to reduce the speed of the motorcycle, if you apply disc brake suddenly above 70KMPH that it could become the cause of an accident or loss of control. The front and rear disc brake are ensuring for a skid free braking.

Anti-lock braking system

anti lock braking system

Stopping a motorcycle on slippery or wet road might be very challenging. Anti-lock braking system, this technology firstly introduced in the four-wheeler and now it becomes the important feature of safety aspects in the motorcycle. All major manufacturers have offered ABS in their two-wheelers to enhance the braking efficiency. The Anti-lock braking system is an innovative technology that allows the wheel to maintain tractive contact with the any kind of road surface. The anti-lock braking system is used for preventing the wheel to get locked under the hardest braking.

Tips for Safe Braking: You can reduce the stopping distance by applying electronic anti-lock braking system in comparison of the normal braking system. Anti-lock braking system provides instant braking without skid or traction at any kind of road surface.