At the Unpacked event which was held in San Francisco, Samsung announced the Galaxy S10 series which included Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10 5G. The company fitted such specifications and features which makes them a premiere device.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung updated the design of the S9 in 2018 and now in 2019, Samsung brings updated Galaxy S10 series. All the smartphones of the Galaxy S10 series are made from glass and steel but with twists in it. Samsung added new shapes to the glass panels and metal frame. Samsung also brought different color varieties in smartphones to serve the categories of users. The main highlight is that the company upgraded the internals of the smartphones to give the users the best experience.

Samsung To Offer Four Sizes Of The Galaxy S10 Series

To give the varieties to the customers, the company served four variants with their own capabilities and performance. The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ are the higher-spec variants with mirror images. Size, screen size, weight, and battery capacity are the only differences between both the variants. As compared to S10, S10+ has an additional front camera.

Samsung mobiles

The Galaxy S10e is No Extraordinary

In the Galaxy S10 series, the new variant is the Galaxy S10e which is smaller and more affordable than other higher-spec variants of the family. As compared to the S10, S10e is more compact and instead of curved glass, it comes with flat glass. However the smartphone adjusts the memory and battery size. So we can say that the Galaxy S10e is not different as compared to higher-spec variants.

The S10e has the same processor, the same cameras at the back and the equivalent high-speed wireless technology of the S10 versions.

Galaxy S10e

S10 5G Largest Among The Bunch

The Galaxy 5G is the largest smartphone among all the four variants. The smartphone sports larger 6.7” curved Dynamic AMOLED display having 1440p+ resolution which is larger than the S10+ and to to maintain the power needed for 5G radio, it holds massive battery of capacity 4,500mAh.

S10 5G

The Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ will go on sale in coming weeks but S10 5G will not be launching so soon. It will first reach Verizon and later will be followed by AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Samsung has zipped its mouth for the 5G variant other than the US.

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New Dynamic OLED

The main highlight of the S10 series is the screen. For serving the users something new, the company developed its new panel dubbed as Dynamic OLED along with a punch-hole design at the front. The company engineered a technique namely the Infinity-O display which cuts the display without harming the pixels.

Samsung Dynamic OLED

The punch hole design makes the screen of the smartphones to more flat near to the edges which makes the screen up to 93.1 percent screen.-to-body ratio. The Galaxy S10 series smartphones comes with a lesser bezel just below the screen and the rest of the screen almost touches the sides.

“The Punch-Hole Display Is Better Than A Notch”

We can see a blacked out space for the camera in the right corner at the upper area of the screen which looks far better than a notch which was seen in the Google Pixel 3 XL. So now we can say- ‘RIP notch’.

There is a circular hole in the Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10. The Galaxy S10+ comes with an oval shape for two front camera. The oval shape is noticed more as it has dual front camera as compared to the other circular hole. The other sensors like the proximity sensor blackouts when the phone is near to the ear and is positioned under the screen.

Samsung Punch-Hole Display
OLEDs of the Samsung always have overrated colors. This can also be seen in the the Galaxy S10 series smartphones but with improved contrast by bounds and leaps. Samsung has made multiple changes in the display settings by which the user can change as per their convenience such as color profiles, blue light filters, eye-strain reduction, and many more.

The Sharpness is just incredible in all the four variants. The Quad HD+ screens of the higher-spec variants is just superb. As always, Samsung said that it expects the display of the smartphones to be the exemplary in the smartphone industry.

There is an ultrasonic fingerprint reader under the screen of the Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10 5G. It can measure the 3D shape of the user’s finger and unlocks the smartphone in the blink of an eye. The fingerprint lock has no effect on the screen quality, although Samsung has acknowledged that some third-party screen protectors will not suit the ultrasound fingerprint readers.

The fingerprint is positioned in the secured Knox module of the smartphone. The smartphones also feature a powerful facial recognition which uses the front camera to unlock the device.

The Galaxy S10e sports 5.8-inches and the Galaxy S10 comes with 6.1-inch screen. The Galaxy S10+ has the display of 6.4-inch and the Galaxy S10 5G has 6.7-inch display. And the aspect ratio for all the four variants is 19:9 and not a 21:9 which is seen in other flagship smartphones.

These superb screens will be praised by the industry.

Hole in the display

The Samsung twists and turns the fine-cut metal frame and finely carved glass of the Galaxy S8 and S9 for the Galaxy S10 series smartphones. The glass with side edges is a bit less winding and the aluminium frame seems to be thick in the new smartphones. Samsung did not utter a word about the changes made in the designs.

But sadly, the tweaks made in S10 makes it look more common than the former variants. The S10 is a kind of device that one can easily fall in for yet it also has its time period. Samsung has stood still in each and every situation and has reached a level without any tweaks in the product.

The main highlight of the S10 series is the punch-hole in the display which makes the shape smoother. S10 series smartphones are easy to handle and use. The screen can easily fit the pocket of the users. The S10+ is big, but there are bigger smartphones in the market than it. The surface of Gorilla Glass 6 is however not very quick to hold, but the quality is ready for it. The frame is strong and no one can question it. The smartphones have the IP68 rating for guarding the smartphones against water and dirt.

In-display ultrasonic fingerprint reader

The Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ smartphones on the left side has a Bixby button and a volume toggle. The buttons are positioned a little above making them uneasy to get in urgency. But the buttons are greatly responsive. The power/screen button of Galaxy S10 and S10+ is also positioned a bit higher. The smartphones also features 3.5mm headphone jacks, USB-C ports, and microSD card slot for expanding the memory.

The S10e severely lacks prominent features among the group. Because of some of the feature except the hole punch camera, the S10e gives the feeling of an iPhone Xs. The most obvious design departure from its larger siblings is the fingerprint reader.

Instead of the in-display ultrasonic fingerprint reader the S10e has a standard capacitive fingerprint reader which is positioned on the right side of the smartphone. The fingerprint reader is also the power button of the S10e. The S10e smartphone is the smallest among S10 series but it still gives the feeling of a Galaxy phone.


Samsung In-display ultrasonic fingerprint

At the back, the camera setup is bulged which should have been flat. Along with camera, the smartphone has features a heart rate monitor and for reading it must be pressed with the finger. The remaining back panel is slippery glass made.

As always, Samsung has stood up to the customers expectations and served us with a premiere and quality hardware.

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Say Cheese!! Now The Camera Discussion

Those who are crazy about taking snaps. Then this is it, Galaxy S10 series is here. There are cameras, a lot of cameras. All the three smartphones have slight difference in the camera setup. Given below are the tidbits-

Following the footsteps of the Huawei and LG, Samsung has also loaded the triple rear camera

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera

setup in the Galaxy S10 and S10+. Both the smartphones has an ultra-wide lens with a 16MP camera at F/2.2 with fixed focus; the wide lens with a dual-pixel 12MP camera at F/1.5 and F/2.4 with autofocus; and the telephoto with a 12MP OIS camera at F/2.4. The user can easily click the smap with worrying about selecting the lenses. They just have to zoom-in and zoom-out and the S10 will easily opt for the exact lens and will click the snap accordingly.

The S10e has only dual camera setup and excluded the telephoto lens which means that the clicks will depend on digital instead of optical zoom.

The front camera of the S10 series has dual-pixel 10MP autofocus shooter at f/1.9. The S10+ has an extra 8MP depth with f/2.2 on the front to validate the bokeh/portrait selfie mode. So we can say that, S10+ is best for selfies among the S10 series.


Samsung carries the image signal processor of the Snapdragon 855 processor and neural processing unit for better performance. Out of dozens of objects in a frame, the camera focuses only on the object depending on users choice.The 855 processor takes the Galaxy S10 a step ahead than the other flagship smartphones. And it will be interesting to see whether the camera technology of Samsung will beat the Huawei Mate 20 Pro or not.

The phones are capable to record 4K video at HDR10+

The camera is just adorable. Samsung has chopped off some of the unwanted tools but there are still advanced tools which are hidden in the settings and menus. The snap lover will find the S10 series just amazing as the portrait mode and night mode will be just under their fingertips. The night mode is same as of the Google Pixel 3 for providing the users a perfect click.

Galaxy S10 4K video
The S10 series is capable of recording 4K video at HDR10+. This feature is the key highlight of the smartphones. The most interesting thing is that the front camera can also record 4K.

Samsung Galaxy S10 gets new One UI, for better or worse

The Galaxy S10 series smartphones runs on Android 9 Pie which is married to One UI. From past six months, Samsung was under the procedure of testing the new UI which has now been loaded into the S10 series.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Display

The original concept is to back up the difficulty of the UI, especially in the menu structure. But in this, Samsung is half successful because the menu structure is flattened. But the upgraded fonts and colors are appreciable. The new One UI is the new generation UI which can easily be understood by the users who are new in the Galaxy lineup.

Samsung did not utter more words about the new One UI. The performance is said to be just perfect and now let the users decide how their experience will be.

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Pricing, availability and pre-offering

The Samsung Galaxy S10e will carry the price sticker of Rs 55,990 for the 128GB internal storage. It will be available in two color options-  Prism Black and Prism White.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will carry the price sticker of Rs. 66,900 for the 128GB internal storage and for 512GB variant, it will come with price tag of Rs 84,900. The 128GB variant will be available in three color options- Prism Blue, Prism Black and Prism White while the 512GB variant will be available in one color option i.e. in Prism White color.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Price

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ will carry the price sticker of Rs. 73,900 for the 128GB internal storage, for 512GB variant, it will come with price tag of Rs 91,900 and 1TB variant will cost Rs. 1,17,900. The 128GB variant will be available in three color options- Prism Blue, Prism Black and Prism White. The 512GB and 1TB variants will be available in two color option- Ceramic Black and Ceramic White.

For pre-bookings, the smartphones will be available on Samsung’s website, Amazon India, Flipkart, and Tata CliQ.

For Samsung Galaxy S10 series the pre-booking offers will also be available. In the offer, pre-bookers will get an option to purchase the new Galaxy Watch at Rs. 9,999 (original price Rs. 29,990) or the new Galaxy Buds for Rs. 2,999 (original price Rs. 9,990).

Other offers for the pre-bookers is the bonus of up to Rs 15,000 and upto Rs 6,000 of HDFC cashback. The company is also offering EMI offers with the time period from 3 months to 24 months.