We all know that Chennai is known for its automobile industry and that’s why it’s also called as “Detroit of India”. But one thing you all don’t know that it’s also well-known for its cuisines in all over the world. Several tourists visit this lovely place, especially to munch the traditional delicacies that offered by the restaurants in Chennai. Now, today we are going to take you on an amazing and unique culinary journey that delivers an excellent gastronomic experience, which you will never forget in your life.

We are talking about New Yorker– an exclusive vegetarian restaurant situated in Chennai. Because of its extravagant and cheesy menu, all the foodies of Chennai wish to visit this place again and again, whether they are vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The exclusive menu satisfies everyone and has a great collection of drinks, starters and mains, including burgers?, pizzas? and fondues. As the main concept behind the restaurant is to define “melting pot of cuisine”, where different cultures of people come and enjoy their meal. It also renders cuisines, such as Lebanese, French and American on their menu, having sizzlers and nachos, which are the speciality here.

Now, coming to its ambience, it’s pleasant and enjoyable with large glass windows that bring sunlight in and table mats with puzzles and mats that keep you busy, while you wait for your food. Let’s take a look over the delicacies, which are offered by the New Yorker, Chennai

The list is given below contain some of the food items that you can enjoy whenever you’re planning to visit New Yorker with your friends or family:

Swiss Cheese Fondue


As we have already told you that Fondue is the special item of the restaurant. The serving of fondue, having toasted bread cubes, pita bread, steamed veggies like broccoli, baby corn?, and potatoes along with some cherry tomatoes. It’s also filled with lots of cheese that you have never eaten before. This type of serving will definitely make you stay warm throughout the meal.

Chilli Paneer Sizzler


Here comes sizzler that will surely fill up your day. And, if you like paneer, then this Chilli Paneer Sizzler is a treat for you. It contains noodles, chunks of juicy green peppers, some fries and pieces of paneer in a spicy chilli sauce.



If you’re looking for a Mexican delight that found rarely in the city, but here, it’s available. Loaded with cheese, this deep fried roll with stuffed rice, veggies is hearty and filling. On cold days, this one is the best to binge on.

Original New Yorker Nachos


These nachos are the staple dish of the New Yorker, which are very popular among the visitors. Ask anyone, who has been here, they will tell you to not miss out these nachos. Each and every portion of nachos is dipped in cheese and sauce that renders the feeling of heaven?!!

Caesar Salad


It’s also one of the popular dishes among others, which is beautifully decorated on the plate, covered with grated cheese, fresh cherry tomatoes, olives, crispy lettuce and wrapped in a Caesar dressing.

Mixed Berry Smoothie


If you are at New Yorker and looking for the drinks, then we suggest you this Mixed Berry Smoothie. Though, all the beverages are luscious, but this one is palatable to taste. It’s perfect when all you want is a nice smoothie and a snack.

Mulberry Frozen Margarita


Try this famous frozen margarita, having wonderful flavour and sweetness. This is sure that even on a cold day, nothing is going to stop you from trying this drink.

After knowing about all these delicacies, you might be thinking to visit here, so for your ease, we have mentioned some details regarding this restaurant.

Location: 21/10, 1st Floor, 3rd Street, Wallace Garden, Khadar Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai
Contact Number: 044 42068989
Opening Hours: 12 pm to 3 pm, 7 pm to 11 pm
Cost for two: INR 900