As Facebook is the topmost trend in Social media, in similar way, Android is the topmost trend in smartphones. Android is the OS which has changed the perception of a common man towards mobile phones. It is a pocket robot that can function on the commands given by its owner (human being), and the spirit of that mini robot is Android. There are numerous amounts of applications available on Google Play Store which is used to perform infinite functions from a single smartphone.

top android apps

According to media, Google recently announced that its OS users have reached to 1 billion counts. Now, as the no. of devices increases, the no. of times an app is installed will automatically increase. So here we have grabbed information about top 5 Android apps that have been downloaded maximum times. The apps are in descending order.

GMail – GMail has become the first ever app of Android to be downloaded by more than 1 billion users all over the globe. It is expected that this app has “between 1 billion and 5 billion” installs. This count is even expected to reach a new milestone.

Angry Birds – After GMail, Angry Birds is the second app in the list that has been downloaded the most. This game has been downloaded more than 1 billion times in Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS X.

Google Chrome (Browser) – This is the official Google browser developed for android smartphones as well as other platforms (Windows, iOS). The exact downloaded installs are not available but according to Wiki source, it is 3rd most downloaded application. Google Chrome (for all platforms) had 34% worldwide usage share, making it the most widely used web browser in the world.

Skype – Skype is a social connectivity app designed by Microsoft for business purpose. In terms of most downloaded apps, it comes 4th. If sources are to be believed, then this app has surpassed half a billion downloads.

Twitter – Twitter is a social networking and blogging site. It is the 5th app in this list. No exact count of this app is present over the Internet.
You will be surprised to know that Whatssapp is on 6th and Facebook chat messenger is on 8th in terms of maximum downloads.