Why car insurance? It appears that much of the population takes it as a headache in their lives. They hate to pay monthly or yearly premiums but it is not the thing you can avoid. Car insurance is a financial protection against physical damage or any mishap from any accident or striking of the cars in traffic. Here we are providing the information about top 5 car insurers in UK:

car insurance

1. NFU Mutual – NFU Mutual is the best insurance company in UK with 89 points out of 100. This is above all other insurance company in the industry. It is known for the best discounts and offers that attracts the customers. It fulfills the claims of the customers on time without any delay and serves at very best to their customers.

2. LV=Frizell – It is a specialized insurance company of UK. It only deals with the automobiles insurance. The company is known for large numbers of policies and problem solving attitude towards customers. In terms of high claim solving behavior and good communications with customer, the company gets 88 points out of 100 and it stands at the second place.

3. Adelade IAM Surety – This company is at the third position in the insurance industry that is getting the rating of 87 out of 100 for good dealing with the customers and their problem solving attitude. This company is associated with large number of brands and having a positive reputation in the market.

4. Royal and Sum Alliances – Royal and Sum Alliances is the oldest company in insurance segment in UK. It also deals with other fields than auto insurance. People admire the company because it maintained the good reputation from last many years and also achieving the same in the present. This company is having regional office in all the main cities of the world. It gets the rating of 85 points out of 100 and stands at the 4th position.

5. Saga – Saga is one of the best auto insurance companies in UK which is occupying good amount of sale in the entire country. The company is serving its customers from last many years. Perfection and fair dealing make it more reliable for the customers. In terms of ranking, claim settlement and active communication makes the Saga having the rating of 83.3 out of 100.