This is not the time for marketing of product through old age methods. It is the time to pop up your brand through social media in this age. Indian market is also going to chase the luxurious technology through social media. Social mediums like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all other customized apps are playing a vital role in attracting customers for upcoming lavish technologies and products.

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Audi is one of the brands which believe in social media. Said by Joe King, head of Audi India, online marketing is the way that can increase the sales in large extent. “The Audi Q3 S Edition for instance was launched on a digital platform through an online booking engine – driven by social media platforms. As a result, we received 125 bookings for the Q3 S on the day of its launch itself,” says King.

Audi is not the only one which is adopting online marketing, but other luxurious brands like Mercedes Benz also has developed iPad based tool called iSales, that is only made for promoting the sales in terms of videos, images and financial options. Eberhard Kern, MD and CEO, Mercedes Benz India, says, “ISales has been instrumental for us in aiding sales to tech-savvy customers, who are on the move and short on time.”

Facing towards online media by luxury brands, is not because it is cheaper than conventional methods, but it targets the most compatible people directly. A study by Fidelity Investments shows that 85 percent industrialists’ uses smart phone apps, social media for promoting the brands. It is also found that 50 percent of the tech known population is under the age of 35, and this is the thing that makes the promoters move towards social media.

In the recently occurred Auto Expo in Delhi, 16 videos were made online by BMW to showcase the new cars. While showcasing BMW cars, with Sachin Tendulkar, this car maker trended on Twitter, and amazingly it received around 400000 views and an increase of 60000 Facebook fans. This proves that this latest marketing option is the way for promoting our brands.
On the one hand, cars are using online marketing for promoting their brands, other side they are using the online forum for well known customers. Jaguar is developing F-TYPE mobile app, which will be useful for elaborating how this luxury car has been created.

This new way for car brands is at its initial stage in India. With the continuous demand in luxury car, analysts say that this will go far away for making the customer on the web.