Mumbai Court gives justice to one of the Shakti Mills Gang Rape Cases by sentencing life time imprisonment to four convicts of telephone operator gang rape. This Gang rape case came in the lights much later after the rape was taken.

shakti mils gang rape caseTelephone Operator Gang Rape Case which took place at Shakti Mills in July, 2013, had been filed, after one more gang rape of a photojournalist, which was also happened at the same place (Shakti Mills) on August 22, had been registered.

Public prosecutor, Ujjwal Nikam told that according to amended law of rape under the IPC Act, the prime accuses should be awarded to lifetime imprisonment. “These accused have a criminal tendency and should be awarded strictest of punishment, which will serve as a deterrent,” He added.

After two weeks of Photo Journalist gang rape case registry, rape victim of Telephone Operator Gang Rape Case came to police and filed complaint against rapists. She was with her boyfriend at the time of the incident. His boyfriend was also buoyed when the rape was violated.

Four convicts that are found guilty for the rape and punished with Life time imprisonment are Qasim Sheikh Alias Bengali, Salim Ansari, Mohammad Ashfak Shaikh and Vijay Jadhav.

Sessions Court condemned those convicts for their wrong activity and sentenced for gang rape, criminal conspiracy, annihilation of evidence, unnatural sex and some sections of the Information Technology Act. Fifth and minor accuse of the gang rape is being considered to Juvenile Justice Board.

Information Technology Act for Rape case is charged when the rapist makes the video clip of rape victim or makes the video of rape incident.