Everyone, who is planning to run his or her own blog or those, who are currently running their blog, Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make money individually. Adsense is Google’s program to earn money by serving advertisements and Google generates revenue according to per click or per impression basis. Here is the list of top Google Adsense earners.

google adsense earners

Amit Agarwal –  He is running a tech blog Labnol.org which is the first professional blog of India. He is a Computer Science Engineer and did his degree from IIT, Roorkee.

  • Website : Labnol.org
  • Adsense Revenue : Approx $25,000 per Month
  • Alexa rank : 2664
  • Website Page rank : 6/10

Jaspal Singh – Savedelete.com is a blogging site, started by Jaspal Singh. He did his engineering in Mechanical branch and began to write a blog just for interest. His blog emerges all topics regarding Internet tips, Tech news and Social Media.

  • Website : Savedelete.com
  • Adsense Revenue : Approx $10,000 per Month
  • Alexa rank : 22200
  • Website Page rank : 4/10

Raju PP – 5 years ago, Raju PP started his blog TechPP.com for mobiles and technology. He is Electronics Engineer and worked as Technical Specialist.

  • Website : TechPP.com
  • Adsense Revenue : Approx $ 18,000 per Month
  • Alexa rank : 27191
  • Website Page rank : 4/10

Arun Prabhudesai – He writes a blog ‘Trak.in’ which covers all business topics. It covers all information regarding technology, Internet etc.

  • Website : Trak.in
  • Adsense Revenue : Approx $ 12,000 per Month
  • Alexa rank : 14,932
  • Website Page rank : 5/10

Srinivas Tamada – Srinivas Tamada, a young blogger who spent nothing to start his blog except time and toil. His blog ‘9lessons.info’ is about computer programming and contains tutorials regarding programming.

  • Website : 9lessons.info
  • Adsense Revenue : Approx $20,000 per Month
  • Alexa rank : 7,800
  • Website Page rank : 5/10