Bollywood’s upcoming movie Gulab Gang is in controversy for the title of its movie and also bearing a look similar to a group of Women in Bundelkhand, U.P. who fight for “Women Rights” and Women Empowerment led by Sampat Pal.


A documentry on Sampat Pal is already released before the release of Gulab Gang. The documentary is directed by Nishtha Jain. This documentary presents the facts regarding women rights and the original Gulabi Gang.


Gulab Gang producer Anubhav Sinha denies that the story of Gulab Gang doesn’t represent the Original Gulabi Gang. While movie exhibits by wearing pink sarees which completely resemble to Gulab Gang. Anubhav Sinha also said the movie is totally imaginary. He also said “It’s a woman’s fight for women’s rights that ends up fighting another woman. The film is not inspired by Sampat Pal at all. The story is set in Madhya Pradesh. Soumik Sen, (director) came to me with the script and I liked it so went for it.” But the poster and trailer of movie refused the producer’s saying.

Nishtha Jain who made a documentary on Sampat Pal said that if movie has full effect from original Gulab Gang than they should have taken prior permission from the gang. Gulabi Gang’s leader Sampat Pal said that Filmmakers didn’t take her permission for directing the film which resembles herself and her Gang’s story. She added “Kisi ki kahani chura lena, yeh naari sashaktikaran ke liye koi achhi baat hai?” Sampat Pal said about the documentary (based on Sampat Pal’s life) which won several awards in many International Film Festival will definitely aware human being for gender equality.

Gulab Gang movie is based on Madhuri Dixit as Rajjo. Story is about war between two women; Juhi Chawala and Madhuri Dixit. Movie is all about “fight of women for women’s rights.” The film will be released in March and after that truth will out and will make everything clear.