Apple X Funny Memes

Apple has finally revealed its new smartphone iPhone X on Sept 12, after months of anticipation. And just after few hours of launching, the new Apple device became part of the jokes and memes online, as the iPhone appreciator were highly disappointed with the specs and features. People are tweeting about the groundbreaking features and high debut price of the iPhone X of $1200. Memes about the face recognition feature is also attracting lots of tweets and at the moment internet seems full with the mockery and jesting comments, jokes, meme etc. about the newly launched Apple iPhones. Some funnier tweets are listed below that may hurt you if you are iPhone lover. Enjoy the laugh 🙂

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#1. I want iPhone X:

#2. Is it Really the iPhone 8?

#3. AK is serious to buy X- Stay away from him:

#4. Kindey donated to buy iPhone X:

#5. Uhmm..X is not Unlock Friendly:

#6. Yippee moment for Phone repair guys:

#7. iPhone X is not for Garibs:

#8. When iPhone X won’t Recognize your face:

#9. How to disable Face ID?:

#10. John Cena probably won’t buy iPhone X: