Last updated on – 7th July, 2014

Today everyone like to have a super-bikes because of their awesome performance and style, but when you spend all your hard earned money to buy a super-bike and it does not give that much performance that you want then it is 100% painful. But it is not the mistake of your bike, You just don’t know how to maintain your super-bike. There is many examples present in India, who owns a super-bike and also maintains it well.

Few of them are:

Mahendra Singh Dhoni :- Everyone is well-known by this name, M.S Dhoni (Mahi) is a current captain of Indian Cricket Team and well-known biker amongst all cricketers. M.S Dhoni is a big fan of motorbikes, He is rich enough to buy super-bikes, Currently he owns 16 motorbikes of different and expensive brands but Dhoni loves to ride his Confederate Hellcat X132.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Bike


Dhoni is a single owner of the 2200cc V-twin engine Confederate Hellcat X132 bike in south Asia. X132 gives outputs 132bhp and 203 NM of torque, mated to a five-speed close-ratio gearbox and its price starts at Rs 30,00,000 approximately.

Shikhar Dhawan :- Shikhar Dhawan is a new Indian international cricketer. He starts his career in March, 2013 against Australia. He is a bike lover too, Shikhar currently owns Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa.

Shikhar Dhawan with Own Bike

Suzuki Hayabusa comes with a 1340cc engine that produces 197bhp and 137 NM of torque, along with bodywork that was aerodynamically designed to offer the least amount of drag, the Hayabusa accelerates from a standstill to a 100kmph in less than 2.5 seconds.

Pragyan Ojha: – Pragyan Ojha is an Indian national cricketer plays for the Hyderabad cricket team for domestic cricket. He starts his career in November, 2009 against Sri-Lanka. He is a big fan of Harley Davidson bike and currently he owns Harley Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight. The Sportster Forty-Eight powered with 1200cc V-twin engine that produces a peak torque figure of 95Nm at a low 3500rpm.

Pragyan Ojha with own bike

The Harley Davidson Sportster 48 is a bike built for those passionate about riding long distances and Its price starts at Rs. 9,15,475 approximately.

All of them are the owner of such a fabulous super-bikes, but it is not complete with this to just own them but the big thing is to maintain them.

  • They maintain their bikes by servicing them time to time, it makes their bike good and continuous performer.
  • Using a Fuel which is suitable for the super-bikes because super-bike engines have high-compression ratios. For such an engine to work properly, the fuel designed for them is used.
  • Time to time oiling in chain with good lubricants most of the people forget about the chain, but it is very important because it saves super-bike’s from chain sprocket breakage and assembly it in good running condition.
  • When them riding their bikes, they aware of uneven and bumpy roads because bumpy roads harms the oil-seal in the front suspension and that is a very painful sight.
  • These types of bikes hates traffic. Traffic leads to the engine heating up and it is not uncommon for the engine to shut down completely for a while till the coolant temperature reaches normal limits. So, don’t let bike to move in Traffic.