The modern era has brought technologically sound motorbikes and this has made them low on maintenance and high on performance and mileage. The general repairs are something, which often occur in bikes and has to be rectified in time. These repairs can be carried out on our own, and hence we should know about them. You should maintain your sports bike regularly.

bike proper maintain

Most of the motorbike breakdown happens on highways while cruising or during the daytime in the city. One can avoid the happening of such events by knowing the motorbike parts and the parts’ requirement for long life. The following details will guide you over the same.


The battery of the bike should be checked timely. It consists of the electrolyte and terminals, which starts failing with time. Following steps can be employed to keep the battery maintenance free.

  • Check for the level of electrolyte in the battery. It should lie between the maximum and minimum mark.
  • If the electrolyte is below the required amount, it must be refilled with distilled or deionized water. Do not use normal water as it contains minerals.
  • Also, wear gloves and protective shield while topping up the battery electrolyte.
  • Caps must be replaced carefully.
  • Check the terminals for filth, sulphur and mud.

Fuel Filter

A fuel filter is one of the most important parts of a motorbike. It must be clean. The basic function of a fuel filter is as per its name, i.e. to filter the fuel before injecting it into the engine. One should check the following points with bike’s fuel filters.

fuel filter maintenance for motobikes

  • There should be no cracks or breakages in fuel filter. Damaged fuel filters must be replaced immediately.
  • The mud, dust, etc. should be cleaned thoroughly so as to keep the fuel supply ON.
  • The fuel lines of the bike must also be considered for breakage and damages.
  • The fuel valve must remain in off mode when the bike is not in use or it is going to keep standing for long. This will not allow fuel to get leaked.


The mechanics of a motorbike are the core ingredient. This is what the whole bike is dependent upon. It includes chains, shafts, sprockets, belts,  etc., which must be cleaned and oiled properly after equal intervals of time. Following points should be kept under mind regarding mechanicals.chain sprocket maintenance in motorbikes

  • Lubricating the drive chain, when carried out after a ride of few kms would result good. The chain drive, sprocket and engine must remain warm so as to distribute the oil evenly on all parts.
  • The best way to lubricate the drive chain is by placing it on main stand so that the rear wheel can rotate freely  and oil gets all over the chain.
  • Belt drives require less maintenance than chains. The tension in the belt requires tuning and cleaning of the same must be carried out.


Worn out brakes always face unfortunate events. The stopping potential gets eroded as the usage increases and vehicle gets older. Brake pads and other parts of it should be replaced and repaired immediately. Following points should be considered and followed for good results.

Motorbike Brake maintenance

  • Most of the bikes are equipped with disk brakes. Disk brakes have an oil reservoir which is located on the handlebar. The performance of this oil gets lowered due to moisture and hence it must be replaced.
  • The replacement of oil should be made with fresh oil (sealed bottle). The broken seal container might have pulled moisture inside, which must be avoided.
  • The painted surface of bike’s any part should be kept enveloped as the brake fluid is an excellent paint remover.
  • The brake pads also worn out with time and must be replaced timely.


The average life of a tyre is around 25,000 to 30,000 kms, depending upon the type the bike and application. Some companies have become pioneers in manufacturing very good tyres which exert an excellent grip over the road even after so many miles. Still, they must be replaced when required.

Motorbike tyre maintenance

  • Tubeless tyres can cover a good distance after getting punctured. So it’s worth to get your bike a good set of them.
  • The tread of the tyres should be noted timely and if it remains under 3 mm, replacing the tyre would be favourable.
  • A pressure guage should be kept with the tool kit. This will let you check the tyre pressure on the go. Sometimes, on high speeds, the tyre pressure becomes excessive. The pressure guage will help you over there.
  • Under pressure tyre must be filled properly. It is to be ensured that vehicle tyre has correct pressure before going out for a long journey, otherwise, it may result disastrously.
  • The above points will definitely help you while performing general maintenance work. Do comment for your ideas and queries.