The cars are your best partners while you’re off to a long ride or just doing the city fun. But, your friend is a machine and it surely needs some attention on its tune ups and maintenance. The best thing to care of your mechanical friend is to take it for a service on a regular basis.

Still, sometimes your car may not give you a pleasing journey and you can feel it when your car takes hiccups in-between your journey. Now, suppose if this hiccup situation comes to you when you’re driving on the highway and nobody is available to help you out. You sure will freak out, but instead of that you can do a thing or two to counter car hiccups make sure that you reach to next service station safely.


So, here below ares some tips using which you can work out on hiccups of your car.

Check the Spark Plug Working

While you’re driving your petrol car and it starts taking hiccups in the middle of your journey, then it may be having some issues with the electric current supply. To make sure, that it surely has an interrupting current supply, follow the below steps.


  • Open the bonnet and unplug the spark plug.
  • Now, try starting your car and check the spark plug by touching it on a metal surface.
  • If your spark plug showing glimpses of sparks, then its okay and if not, then you must check the wiring from the battery to the spark plug and you’ll surely find a fault.

May there is something beneath your dash-board

Sometimes you might get the positive results with the spark plug testing, but not for the hiccups of your car, and must be thinking what to do now? Well, I would like to suggest you that should check the wiring under the switch button as it may have some circuits disconnected which are causing the car hiccups.

In Last, It’s the Carburetor causing the hiccups

After doing all the testing as described and not getting any clues that what is going on, you must check a last thing in your car, before calling for an emergency service. You must check the fuel supply as well through the carburetor and you can confirm it, if there are no trash particles in there. And, if there is, clean it up for and soon you’ll find your car working like before.

Wrap Up

However, the above suggestions are as same as a mechanic will perform in your car, but still you need to meet the doctor for the long time treatment of your car hiccups while driving.