On the one hand, we have the segment leader, Honda City while on the other hand, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz which is considered a strong opponent on every aspect. Both the cars target the same audience and share similar body style and equipment as well. Hence, make it tough for the buyers to figure out which has to be chosen out of them.

Well, the price of the cars would be an obvious point to compare with each other but what we have actually written down here, in which one is worthy for you in respect of the price.

Go through our detail comparison between Maruti Suzuki Ciaz and Honda City before bringing home any one of them.

#1. On the Looks –

Honda City VS Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Dimesions

Honda City is the flagship sedan of the company and is serving the Indian market for quite a long time. Through the generation models and facelift updates, the City became sharper and sleek in terms of design. On the other hand, Ciaz is a premium offering from the Maruti Suzuki and looks slightly similar to the City, mainly from the rear. However, Ciaz is bit longer and shorter than the City and gets chrome border on the major exterior details. At the front, the massive chrome grille is complemented by the pulled back projector headlamps that too surrounded by the chrome. This excessive use of chrome kills the personality of the car a bit. But still, Ciaz looks more stylish and premium than the City. 

#2. Comfort & Conveniences –

Starting with the driving posture, the Ciaz offers a bit high front seats even in their lowest position which may find slightly disruptive for the taller persons. Considering the seating comfort on both cars, Ciaz might not be as good as the City.
On the inside-space, both the car features ample leg and headroom for the second-row occupants. Being longer than City, there is a little excessive leg space in the second row of Ciaz. however, it doesn’t sound the same way about headroom, a taller passenger may find the headroom a bit cozy, as Ciaz is a little shorter in height.

maruti-ciaz-vs-honda-city-interiorIn terms of storage compartments, City offers a good number of spaces, one-liter bottle holder on every four doors, a utility box beneath center console for smartphone, keys, coin, and receipts. The Ciaz is practically as well on the storage, it gets pockets on every door for keeping bottles, smartphones, and your knick-knacks. Both the car has a similar boot space of 510 liters.
The interior theme of the City looks trendy yet prominent, with the piano black console. While on the other hand, Ciaz gets dual tone interior theme with more sophisticated design and sounds more premium than that of the City. 

#3. Power & Performance –

Both Honda City and Maruti Suzuki Ciaz are offered with a number of engine options in petrol and diesel powertrains.
Considering first petrol-powered mills of the sedans, the City comes with a more powerful package beneath the hood than the Ciaz. Comparatively, City delivers almost 27 bhp more power to the front wheel than Ciaz does. The engine of the flagship Honda sedan cars is coupled with 5-speed CVT gearbox against the 4-speed transmission in Ciaz.
The more power output helps the City to attain a speed of 100 in 10 seconds, compared to the 14 seconds taken by Ciaz. Moreover, City also has more acceleration limit than Ciaz.

maruti-ciaz-vs-honda-city-engineSo, in the petrol powered mills, the City is more powerful and quicker than the Ciaz and clearly has an upper hand over the Ciaz without any doubt.
Well, the battle isn’t over here! The SHVS tech with the diesel version of the Ciaz has yet to be analyzed. The hybrid technology of the Ciaz named SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) helps in improving the fuel efficiency of the car. However, there isn’t much difference between the mileage of both the cars, still, the Ciaz offers world-class fuel mileage in the segment.
The City offers a bit less fuel economy than the Ciaz while considering the rest of the mechanical aspects, City is far more powerful car than Ciaz.

#4. Ride & Handling –

Honda City VS Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Handling and Riding

On the riding comfort, City has good control over the front wheels, while on the rear, you may find it a bit bumpy on the uneven tracks. On the other hand, despite being a less powerful car than the City, the riding quality of the Ciaz is superior to that of the City whether it is on front wheels or on the rears.
In terms of handling, City does batter on the sharp turns, where you may find Ciaz a bit poor in driving dynamics. This is City which offers you more confident driving and makes a strong point for itself. 

#5. Safety & Security –

Both the cars loaded with the similar standard safety equipment and driver assist technologies like driver & co-passenger airbags, child safety lock, advanced body structure, Anti-lock Braking System, Parking assist, crash sensor, and many others.


Both the cars are blessed with several car security features like Anti-theft Alarm, Engine Immobilizer, and smart access card entry.
In terms of safety and security both sedans scores equal.

#6. Overall –

So what you have decided?
As we have earlier told you, both the sedans are quite similar to each other on every criterion you select. Although, in this close fight we would recommend Maruti Suzuki Ciaz. Being a premium class sedan,  the Ciaz offers more value for money. Plus, hybrid technology is a strong theory, making it the most fuel-efficient car in the segment. And one more reason to pick Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is exceptional after sales service.