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Handling a hefty motorcycle is not a big deal until it is moving. But it becomes really cumbersome to handle those bikes at slow speeds plus in heavy traffic spots. Taking for instance, Harley. It is hardly possible to wobble the bike via slow traffic or execute stunts like paddling U-turn having feet on the ground and then spontaneously dropping the bike to let it fall. Nevertheless, it is not a difficult task of some of the veteran riders. But, for a layman, it needs a lot of practice. For an ease, here we are throwing limelight on how a heavy motorcycle can be handled.

Hints for Handling a Heavy Motorcycle

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Hint 1: Don’t Parking Your Bike at Slippery Surface

heavy bike Parking

Try to prefer a flat, smooth and non-slippery surface to park your bike. When you pull off the bike from the side stand, make sure the bars are fully turned until they lock, after that, snatch the right handle with both the hands along with the grab lever. Do the same for grabbing the handlebars with your left hand and then differentiate between both. You will realize how heavier a motorcycle becomes with the latter.

Hint 2: Ride the Bike in Smooth Way

heavy motorcycle smooth ride

A bike can be handled very smoothly unless you know the mantra, which is prevalent in motorcycling. The advantage of being smoother will help you to speed up on the race tracks, besides you can also be safe on watery surfaces. Apparently, it’s quite unmanageable with the heavy-weight bikes as at slow traffic speeds, it makes you constant. Make sure that all your steering adjustments, throttle and brake are performing smoothly.

Hint 3: Straight Look Up While Riding

Straight Look Up While Riding

As you all know, balancing is the most prominent task while riding, whether it is a cycle or a motorcycle. One of the chief duties to handle a bulky motorcycle is to look up during your ride. Whenever you are riding slowly, always look forward and not down.

Hint 4: Don’t Use Front Brake at Turning Points.

tips for control heavy bike

Do not use the front brake at slow speeds at turn point, as it will force the front wheel to push all of a sudden and at that time, you won’t be able to hold the bike and as a result it will fall down. Get on to the rear brake in those situations. Your bike will go in a steady state easily. Only at the time when you let the bike to stop instantly, compress the front brake mildly. Rather, in some cases it is also preferred to employ the foot brake right up to the time the motorcycle stops completely.

Hint 5: Tilt the Bike

tips to control heavy bike

Whenever deep round turns are there, they are handled very gently with a blend of steering and bending the bike. It’s not easy to steer a heavy motorcycle at slower speeds because there is a risk that you might get fall down. To tackle your bike, slightly tilt it a little toward the foot, which is down, before you initiate your ride. Even before adding any steering input, your bike will start turning straight.

Hint 6: Point to the Feet Where You Want to Turn

Point to the Feet Where You Want to Turn

If you have observed carefully, on whichever side, i.e. either left or right, you want a sharp turn of the bike, you will place your foot onto the ground for doing the same. Kind of strange but true. Nevertheless, it is effective as well for handling a hefty bike. Try it for once, put down your foot over the surface and point that to the direction you want to go. Your body posture will automatically get correct and the bike will get balanced.


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