Harley-Davidson, Triumph, KTM, Ducati, etc. have you ever heard about these international automobile manufacturers before 4-5 years?? I know your answer would be a NO. These international brands originate in different regions across the world in various countries. They are well established and fame in their own region. They have their own fan-followers list in various other countries as well.

Ducati XDiavel

Now, let’s talk about the Indian market situation 5 years ago. In the Indian automobile market, people would like to go for those bikes which gives high mileage and will be able to bear with Indian roads. The Indian companies were mainly focused on those bikes which can be used for daily purpose and within the city range. According to Indian mentality, people would always prefer those bikes which will be able to bear heavy traffic, doesn’t have much wear & tear and doesn’t require any kind of maintenance.

Reason 1: Changing the Scenario

If we’ll talk about today’s Indian market situation, it is just reversed what it was before. Now a day’s, people here are taking much more interest in sports bikes, super bikes or cruiser bikes. These days, having a pricier bike, becomes a status symbol for Indian people. From past 3-4 years, cruiser bikes or sports bikes are much more in fashion, if compared to any other bikes. Especially, youth crowd of our country is getting highly attracted by the international automobile brands. Let’s take one example of Hero-Honda. The Hero is an Indian company and Honda originates in Japan. Together they made a deal and become Hero-Honda, and they were serving Indian customers for so long. Besides that, Honda is also delivering its own vehicles like Honda Activa.


Reason 2: Indian Economy

For international brands, it is much easier to get established in India. They are well known among the Indian crowd as well. These multinational companies are setting up their foot in India in major cities, like Gurgaon, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, etc. They are opening up their showrooms and also providing pre-sales and after sales service for their respective bikes. They have their own service facility, spare parts slot, for those particular models available in India.’


Reason3: Brand Conscious People

Currently these days, people here in India are much conscious about the brands, they are using in their daily life. Whether it would be clothing, home appliances or their favorite bike. Purchasing a sports bike or a cruiser bike is a big and one-time investment, so while buying their favorite one, they do consider the manufacturing brand and quality of the product provided by the manufacturer.  These days, people would desire to have a powerful dynamism in the wheels, which make them feel like a ruler of the track. To become a ruler, the people are ready to pay any amount for their dream bike.

Ktm Duke

Thus, for international brands, it becomes much easier to enter and get established in Indian market. As, they need not to spend a huge amount to garner fame among Indian people.