Last updated on – Apr 30, 2016

Crashes and accidents are meant to happen. Though, escaping from serious injuries would be quite tricky if you won’t be knowing the key facts to follow over the spot. It’s better to have some knowledge and discuss the same with colleagues and friends over such topics. The boredom may arise with silly replies but ultimately you will come to know some good notes as well.

Not to worry if you haven’t gone through such discussions. Here are some punches which must be remembered while riding your motorbike.

The very first advice, always wear a helmet. If you see a crash happening after you, try to take the victim to a safe place like the road sides or footpaths. Allow him/her to lie down straight over the spine, facing up. Victim must breath properly and encourage to do so.

Immediately call the ambulance, police or the authority to deal with the case. Do not touch any of the belongs of the victim to keep yourself on safer side.

What’s next after a motorbike Crash

If you have met with an accident, it’s good to stay cool and do not think about the damages or anything like that. Wait for someone to assist you and let them take you to a safe place as mentioned above.

People might ask you about the personal details of yours. Do not tell them anything as it would harm you indirectly. If the crash occurred as a collision between two vehicles then there is  possibility that the offender might convince you to not to file any case or report for the accident. But going legal would be favourable. Let the authorized personnel come and do the needful.

It’s better to call the emergency helpline on your own, if you are not seriously injured. You might find some attendants who can provide you first aid. Let them allow to do the needful because the emergency team might take some time to reach you.

first aid for motorbike crash victims

You should also file a report of the same to the police. Many health centres or hospitals do not entertain patients without a legal report of police filing. If the victim is not having serious injuries, it may happen that the emergency team won’t reach you. In that case, you have to walk to their department or office and ask for filing the report for the same.

Filing a report will help you at the insurance end to claim for the damages. Therefore, it is must to get your vehicle insured as it is a good thing and it is mandatory as well.