Everyone in the world who owns a car need the more out it always. They gearheads are also working every day to meet the latest tune up requirements of the cars. And, guess what, now there are improvements which could result in better performance of the car and the best part is that you don’t need to be a freak petrolhead mechanical guy to change these things in your car. Now, I think you’ll be very eager to know about these tips, well here you go.

Car Modifications

Get Some Cool Air

I know this may sound odd to you as you’ve read that hot air makes sure that you get proper burning, but seriously, more the air is cool, more the economy and power you get. I’ll explain it, when the engine works at higher rpm, the temperature inside is too high that it actually makes the air dry and less dense and it means that you’ll get less air hence less oxygen to burn the fuel.

cold air intake

But, while you use the cold air, the sir is dense and hence the more oxygen is available for the proper burning of fuel which will surely increase the efficiency and output of your car. Also, you can fit this kit by yourself by reading the manufacturer’s manual.

Get Your Exhaust Tube Straight

The very basic thing which can improve your car’s horsepower is just straightening the tubes of your exhaust system and if you’re wondering that how it’ll improve the efficiency, then read below the image.


The straight exhaust system of your car will lose down the compact behavior of your system and hence making the proper room for the waste gases to get out quickly, which will leave enough space for the fuel to get burned for the better efficiency and power.

Watch Your Tires

The car tires are the most important feature to make sure that you get the most out of your car. Here are a few things you can try with your car.

Car Tires

  • Get more attacking alignment for quicker acceleration and speed.
  • Try to change the tires with a little shorter ones to improve the RPM and hence the acceleration.
  • Take the old wheels out with carbon fiber wheels to reduce the weight and hence improving the top speed with pick-up.

In Last, Change the Chip-set

The company made chip has a few parameters set for the operations like valve timing, fuel mixing and others which could affect the horsepower output of the car. Now, if you’re familiar with the terms and electrical system of your car, which I guess, is not a big deal, then you can easily tune up the chip with a new and can decide your own limits as per your need and convenience.

Car Chips


The above car tune ups are definitely meant for the better performance of your car, but these may ruin your warranty as well, so you must think about the upgrading of your car carefully with all the factors taken in account.