Welcome to Bora Bora!! Grab this perfect destination for your next vacations and experience those astonishing moments, which you have never done before. Basically, Bora Bora is an island, located in French Polynesia and lately, it got the title of “the best island of the world” by U.S.A. News. And, this Four Season Resort built for the perfect base for your Bora Bora vacations. This luxurious resort is enclosed by majestic vistas, sand-fringed islets, situated on an outer coral reef that surrounded a turquoise lagoon. So, it’s time to delve yourself in the island’s traditions, activities and authentic delicacies at your Bora Bora vacations.

Bora Bora Hotel & Resort opened in the 1961 and after nine years, they constructed first water bungalows on stilts over the lagoon. Currently, there are many water-bungalows and all are featured with luxurious and expensive accommodations that make your stay outstanding. As, most of the globetrotters prefer aqua destination and this place is just amazing for that, because of its extraordinary beauty, which surely mesmerize the tourists. So, pack your bags and come to Bora Bora!!!. And, if you are looking for some more information about this place, then we are providing you below that also. Please see it…

Classic features and services of Four Seasons Bora Bora Hotel & Resort:


  • Here, you have many options as they provide a number of over-water bungalows suites, villas and bungalow suites with private pools, pool cabanas and private island. Bungalow suites are wrapped with traditional teak furnishings, high ceilings and leaves cover with Pandanus leaves.
  • Talking about villas, these are situated on a stretch of clear beach having your own private pool. According to your choice, you can choose, whichever you want.
  • Enjoy with panoramic views, including the serene turquoise lagoon and glorious Mount Otemanu.
  • Take a bite of Polynesian delicacies at the restaurants of this resort while delighting in Bora Bora’s sunshine, sunsets and starlit nights.
  • Pamper yourself in the healing center that restores your body and mind with the classic therapies by using many natural resources, such as Monoi, Tamanu, Kahaia and Vanilla. Here, you are free to come at the stream room, sensory shower, outdoor vitality pool and drench shower.
  • It also offers on-site activities like Kayaking, Paddle Boating and Shark-Feeding, but you have to book in advance.

Enhance your enjoyment of dining at these restaurants of Bora Bora Hotel & Resort


  • Arii Moana
  • Tere Nui
  • Sunset Restaurant & Bar
  • Fare Hoa Beach Bar

Places to visit near the Bora Bora Hotels & Resort

Matira Point

  • Matira Point
  • Le Meridian Bora Bora
  • Chez Nono
  • Village Temanuata
  • Aquabike Adventure

Why should you visit this place at least once?


If you’re fond of water place and wishing to visit such type of place, where water is all around, then for sure, this place will be proven as ultimate for you. Bora Bora Hotel & Resort is one of the finest destinations across the world. For the couples, it’s just a honeymoon paradise, where they can relish amazing moments of their life. So, we will suggest you for this place to visit at least for once.