In this modern era, the car is considered as the most important vehicle, which is required to complete daily work of a common person. Various automakers also aim to set up their cars at the affordable price, so that a normal person could purchase them in order to have a comfortable life. But, there are always many questions arrive while buying a car, related to its price, features and other things, so here we are giving the five noteworthy points, which should be considered while buying a car.

Your Affordable Budget

When we think to purchase a car, the very first thing is the budget that how much we can afford. Also, you have to decide that you will purchase it for cash payment or EMI option. Experts say, “The price of a car should not more than 60% of your annual income and 15% of your post EMI.” So, a wise decision is to decide your budget considering annual income.

Car Budget

Brand New or Used Car?

Another important thing is to decide that what you actually want a Brand New or a Used Car? If you are looking to buy a brand new car, then the famous brand name should be preferred.

Top luxury car companies: BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Audi and others.

Top Budget Car Manufacturers: Maruti Suzuki, Ford, Tata Motors, Toyota along with others.

If you are looking for a Used Car, then you should go first for only those brands that provide durable vehicles i.e. Maruti Suzuki, Toyota. Also, you should have good skills to inspect the car condition, like its engine, mileage, tires, chassis and other important things. Those people who drive too much, they should never go for the used cars owing to their less durability.

Brand New Car or Used Car

Mini Car or the complete family package?

Automobile companies launch their cars in each segment like sedan, hatchback, coupe, SUV, etc. loaded with top features. After deciding your budget and brand name, you should focus on your requirements, i,e., a small car or a complete family package as per the nature of use. If you drive mostly in urban areas, then a hatchback model will be better and for off-road driving or long tour purpose, you can go for an SUV, MUV or a sedan, having good ground clearance and boot space too.

A Small Car or Complete Family Package


Diesel, Petrol or CNG?

Fuel is another important point to consider while purchasing a car. A diesel car will perform better with its torque and mileage, but its engine needs regular maintenance, whereas the petrol cars are reliable, need lesser service than a diesel model. On the other hand, the petrol models are not enough in returning an impressive mileage, while the diesel ones are quite appreciable in doing the same. Nowadays, CNG cars are also in trend with their Eco-friendly nature and better fuel efficiency, so you can also go for a CNG car as well.

Diesel, Petrol or CNG

What features do you need?

After deciding all the above mentioned points, features are the next important things to be considered ahead of buying a car. Inside the cabin, comfy seats, music system, and perfect leg and headroom are the primary things for a comfortable and entertaining journey. Along with these, AMT is also in trend that is making the drive more easier, so you can also look for an automatic car too.

Car Features

Hence, these are the five noteworthy points, which should be considered before purchasing a car.