check original and fake Castrol engine oil

Castrol, it is one of the most used engine oils in the Indian automotive market. It is highly popular and in great demand which eventually turns the fake oil providers to intrude in the market. So how will you differentiate the original and fake Castrol engine oil. Here in this post, we are providing a few steps to verify that oil in Castrol can is original or not.

There are two ways to find out

  1. Check Online via provided QR Scan code, and Serial no on the cap of the bottle
  2. Check from naked eyes by observing written below traits of the original oil

Check Online Original and Fake Engine Oil:

Scan QR-Code

image source: Kaushal Auto Repair Bilaspur

In order to examine the originality of Castrol engine oil online, you have to follow few steps.

Firstly: Scan the QR code on the back of the can via any scanning app on your smartphone. It will redirect you to the Castrol official website by following a three-step verification, you will find out that oil inside the can is original or fake.
In the second step: The process will ask for a serial code written below the QR code in the hologram. If it matches, the process will move to the third step.
In the third step: You have to provide the last four digit of the code written on the cap. If matches, the website will authenticate the product is original. If don’t you will get an acknowledgment of cap code mismatch which surely is not the original oil

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Check from naked eyes Original and Fake Engine Oil:

Original and Fake Engine Oil

image source: Kaushal Auto Repair Bilaspur

From the outer periphery, one can’t find out the difference between the original and fake castrol oil via naked eyes. So, in order check duplicacy, pour oil in disposal glass. If the oil is of red color and not having bubbles. It is original as the brand uses anti-bubble chemical which prevents the generation of bubbles in oil.

On the other hand, the fake oil will be in mix of colour. It will have essence of blue colour along with bubbles.

So these are few ways to differentiate original and fake engine oil and bring the reality next to you.