Regular bike service is compulsory from time to time so we should know about what’s included during service. Here, we write down all the necessary requirements that you must remember before heading towards the service centre for motorcycle service.

Any consumable we purchase gets aged and depleted with time. Same applies to a two-wheeler. We can’t stop the process but slowed it down to a great extent via a regular maintenance regime. Also, maintain performance on par with a new motorcycle. It can only be attained with the great tune of engine, clutch, and gear as recalled several times via motor mechanic.

14 Things to Know During Bike Service

Here in this post, we are going to share activities included in a free and paid bike service, which helps in retaining vehicle healthy and performance focused.

Basic Things to Know During Bike Service Centre

Test RideTest-Ride: Mechanic should take the motorcycle for a short test-ride, which will help in being aware with troubles reported along with issues the only mechanic could understand.

Electrical SwitchesElectrical Switches: All the switches of instrument console will be checked in order to find are they working properly?

Engine OilEngine Oil: It is one of the early activities in a bike service. The mechanic inspects fuel line via removing dust from the fuel strainer screen. If engine oil gets thinner or less viscous it will be replaced with a new pack of engine oil.

Crankcase BreatherCrankcase Breather: the crankcase breather which many of us known as air filter, should be cleaned from petrol or changed after a proper time period.

Spark PlugSpark Plug: The spark plug which creates a spark for the fuel combustion, should be clean. So the inspection, cleaning, and adjustment of spark plug gap are required.

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ValveValve: The valves which regulate fuel passing should be inspected and clean if required as somewhere they decide the mileage of your bike.

Engine Idle SpeedEngine Idle Speed: The engine should thump at an idle speed if not, it should be adjusted as it eats plenty of fuel at high speed.

Clutch SystemClutch System: The clutch, a mechanism which let the bike propel according to throttle response. It should be in tune with the engine speed to offer a dynamic riding experience. It should be light and smooth.

Brake SystemBrake System: The only package which gives overall control of stopping the vehicle. It should be healthy and precise. To take care of it, we should consider aspects like the brake fluid, if required should be top-up. The brake shoes/pads should be in a state of gripping wheel effectively in a panic braking situation. Altogether the brake light needs to illuminate simultaneously.

Inspect SuspensionInspect Suspension: Several times, the suspension setup which comprises front forks and rear shock absorbers got soften or damaged with sudden hit on potholes. So they should also be inspected in order to find the fault and rectify accordingly.

LubricationLubrication: There is a number of mechanicals in a bike which needs lubrication if they got slack or not working smoothly. Few of them are like throttle, choke, drive chain, etc which should be inspected and lubricate if necessary.

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Battery CheckupBattery Checkup: The battery electrolyte which generates electric power for instrument console operation, should be inspected at the regular service as it has specific gravity & level, which needed to be top up if the bike is not in use. Also, the checkup for routing of overflow tube is required.

Side StandSide Stand: The component which let our bike rest while not in use, should operate properly for quick action.

WheelsWheels: They also need to be inspected. Are they rotating frictionless, freely? Also, the air pressure should be in the amount suggested for the front and rear wheel.

Post performing those activities, there is a need of test ride which confirms the improvement and rectification of troubles reported along with the last cleaning of the bike.