Facebook is going to complete its 10 years on 4th February and successfully connecting people all around the world lessening distance. It is world’s best social network where everyone can throng and can make friends. It was founded in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg including his some college roommates and fellow Harvard University students.

Facebook 10th Birthday

When it was launched, it was like an innovation that served a new platform for connecting people around the world. For people it was like a new feeling where they can connect to strange people and can talk and upload their photos. When first it was launched, it was only for US citizens. After its widespread success it was launched worldwide in 2005 serving everyone.

Now facebook has become one of the top social networks around the world beating Twitter, Google Plus and others. Since its launch, on February 4th 2014, it is going to complete its 10 years which is milestone in its history. With time facebook is getting updated giving new features to users provided whenever they open their facebook account they get something new in it.