With the growing trends, even our elders are looking forward to pace with the modernity. They are setting off with the use of smartphone, tablet, computers, and iPhones.

But as they have many issues with smartphone keypad, display, and operability of the various apps, some apps are specifically designed to render an easy to operate habitant and utilize their free time.

best game apps for seniors

Here is the list of the best game apps for seniors:

1. Just Follow

Just FollowJust Follow is a game with lots of fun and hours of gameplay. It is quite an interesting and unique game to pass your time. One of the best things about Just Follow is its super smooth gameplay mechanism.

In this game, users have to create the player pass through the barriers without bumping while drawing a line. It gives coins and with these coins, it is possible to get another game or even can buy boosters.

Platforms: Android

2. Wurdle

WurdleThis is word-based game where one can find and trace the possible word formation ahead of time runs out. It is a fast-paced game with the indication of the clock ticking to create the maximum formation.

When you stick and not finding anything to be formed, you can shake the boards to blend the tiles. It is quite competitive as well to play online and score high and the feeling is awesome to get accolades for achievements.

Platforms: Android and iPhone

3. PeftoBallz – Pop Masters

PeftoBallzPeftoBallz is a pop skills games to make you pop master. The game is simple, funny and helps to maintain hand-eye coordination. It is quite easy to play this game on your Android device as elders only need to touch the dots and they will pop out but it is necessary to touch only the dots that are not matching the floor color and allow the same floor color dots to hit the floor.

This is an Android app which is available in Google Play Store.

Platforms: Android

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4. Crosswords Classic

Crosswords Classic appTo make seniors enjoying the game and squeezing their mind in leisure time, this app helps them to read words, play games, and do puzzles. This game is quite old which is played by most of the people as it is quite simple and engaging as well.

This app is available for Android, iPhone, iPad users. One of the exciting things about the app is a daily addition of new crossword puzzle with the hundreds of puzzles already existing in the app store.

Platforms: Android, iPhone, and iPad

5. Lumosity


The game can be installed on Android, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad. It just passes the time very easily with the engaging gameplay and keeps the brain sharp as well.

This app has 60 million users and designed purposely to train the memory and attention of people.

Platforms: Android, iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad


6. Sudoku


Sudoku is the numbered game which is similar to a classic crossword but it plays with numbers instead of words. It is quite entertaining with the different stages of the game.

It has levels which are equally divided into low and high-level games. It is downloadable for Android, iPhone, iPad platform and can be played anywhere.

Platforms: Android, iPhone, and iPad

Apps that Seniors need other than Gaming Apps:

1. Skype


In this modern world, families generally stay separated in the different country, state, and cities due to jobs, educations and many other reasons. However it is possible for seniors to stay connected with them via text messages or voice calls, but video call has its own self-satisfaction.

With the installation of Skype, it becomes quite easy for Android, iPhone, and iPad users to do video conferencing on their mobile device, computer or tablet.

Platforms: Android, iPhone, and iPad

2. Pillboxie


Pillboxie is a helping aid in reminding your medicines. This app works amazing by visually managing your app which is easy to operate and drops the pill in a box whenever it is the high time to take medicine.

So, this is quite assistive for Seniors and the same time easy way to remember the pills like playing the games. This app is for iPhone and iPad users.

Platforms: iPhone, and iPad

3. Motion Doctor

Motion Doctor

Motion Doctor is an iPhone app, which works as a strong physical therapy aid and assistive solution for patients suffering from injuries to make them stay healthy.

With providing some health-related solutions, it becomes helping to see videos in free time and at the same time funny and entertaining to have this app in the store.There are 60+ high-quality videos are to help seniors to exercise with different body parts and maintain a pain-free stature. It also accommodates a national directory of physical therapist concerning by state.

Platforms: iPhone, and iPad

4. Magnifying Glass With Light By Falcon In Motion LLC

Magnifying Glass With Light By Falcon In Motion LLC

With the growing age, it certainly becomes hard to read small fonts. To sort out this problem of elders, here comes the Magnifying Glass With the Light app, which is operable in iPhone and iPad.

With this app, now elders are able to elucidate and amplify magazines, restaurant menus, newspaper, books, etc. though it is not a game app but make easy readability of many words.

Platforms: iPhone, and iPad


With the addition of these kinds of apps and games which not only help the seniors to pass their time but also to help them in maintaining their health and relations. Apart from the aforementioned apps, there are much more available for Android and iPhone users to make them happy and reminded.

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