apple iPhone-7 launch date

‘See you on the 7th. Please join us for an invitation-only event’

Yes, this was the only thing written on the invitation cards sent by one of the biggest smartphone manufacturing firm. Reportedly, Apple has sent invitations for the launching event going to be held on September 7 this year. The upcoming event is going to take place in San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium and is expected to include the launching of next generation iPhone and new Apple watch models.

What can be Expected?

There are a lot of expectations of people from the upcoming Apple device. On that particular launching event, the techno giant firm is supposed to unveil two variants of the model likely to be dubbed as iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Some rumors are also there whispering, that the next-gen iPhone may be called iPhone 6SE, as the company will not follow it’s pre-existing tick-tock cycle nomenclature. However, we have to wait a bit to see what name has Apple given to its new member in the family.

In the upcoming iPhone model, customers won’t be able to see the availability of traditional 3.5mm jack, which would result in a waterproof design that could enable thinner form factors. Instead of 3.5mm jack the new handset will be shipped with a pair of “Lightning-connected headphones” in the box and an adapter may also be given by the company, which will support all the existing audio devices.

Apple iphone-7 specs

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The water resisting feature of the upcoming device could also be enhanced with the help of a new haptic feedback home button, which will give you a sensation of vibration rather than actual clicking. This change will result in less moving part on the handset, which will allow thinner designs and also potentially avoiding reliability and durability issues. The upcoming home button on the board will likely to work as similar to the click-less Force Touch trackpad found on recent MacBooks.

Specs Overview

On the specifications hand, the center of attraction and the biggest upgrade made this year is the availability of a dual-lens camera in the 5.5-inch model, which is capable of taking more clear and advanced pictures. The smaller version will feature an advanced camera but dual-lens camera setup will not be available in that model.

apple iphone-7 camera

Apart from hardware, So-called iPhone 7 Plus model is also expected to get blessed with 3GB of RAM, whereas iPhone 7 may get stuck with 2GB of RAM. Both of the upcoming variants are like to be fueled with next-generation “A-10” processor and some leaks are also there stating that a new color ‘Space-black’ variant is also going to be introduced in place of ‘Space-gray’.

Some rumors say that Apple will introduce the variants of new-generation iPhone model starting with a memory of 32GB and will max out at 256GB, the most spacious devices Apple has ever made. iPhone 7 Plus may also come with a magnetic smart connector port on the back side of the device.

Pre-orders for the latest generation iPhones are likely to start a few days after 9 September and will be available in one or two weeks after the launch date.

apple iPhone-7 power cable

Future Plans?

Along with iPhone, the leading smartphone manufacturing firm Apple is also working on its own wireless earbuds, which will include a pair of completely separated earbuds and can be dubbed as “AirPods”. Not just this, another rumor that is getting circulated on the company’s part is that its making grounds to introduce its next-generation Apple watch with GPS functionality in the techno world. The upcoming model is likely to have a similar design language as its previous models, but still, there is a slight change in the battery life. The latest watch could come with a larger battery life to power native location capabilities and the GPS radio in the watch would allow bikers, runners and others to track their place and distance with ease.

The company is also working on an upgrade of its MacBook Pro Lineup. The upcoming MacBook is believed to be Apple’s thinnest model ever featuring a Dynamic OLED touchscreen and fingerprint-sensing Touch ID technology.