Cricket was a game earlier, it is still but now it has become a way of entertainment too where in starting of matches singers sing and perform and cheer girls cheer when there are hits of sixes and fours. You must have seen exciting matches of IPL, Indian Premiere League.

Now this time in 2014, it is going to start soon but before it there is the ceremony of IPL auction where each player will be auctioned and in IPL 2014 each player destiny again will be re-written. In IPL 2013 every team had the limit of $ 1,25,00000 but in 2014 limit can exceed.

7 Season IPL 2014

This IPL matches perhaps will be something interesting to watch or perhaps not because there are many players that have taken retirement in this year 2013 such as Sachin Tendulkar, God of Cricket, those people who came to watch only Sachin, will miss him this time in the field. We do not know in 2014 IPL series which player goes to which team when they get auctioned but it will be interesting to watch those players that earlier were in the same team and perhaps in 2014 they would be in other playing against each other.

On the other hand there will be eight teams in 2014 season after the withdrawal of the Pune Warriors India and it can be too that this time the 7th season of IPL would be held outside of India because of security reasons. Even though it has not yet been decided but the decision will be made after the announcement dates of the election because Lok Sabha Election can be overlap with IPL.