Tata has dreamt of manufacturing a common man’s car and did something favorable in the form of Nano but that was sufficient as it was delivering very underpowered performance and not standing upto the mark. Still Tata continued the car with timely updated specs. There were many good NEWS that came out of Tata’s end regarding bigger petrol engine, diesel engine, high performance output etc. Out of all these future expected upgrades; Tata will be employing one within few days in the form a power steering.

Tata will be launching Nano “Twist” on 15th January

Tata will be launching its Nano with power steering on 15th January 2014 in India. The new car will be named as Tata Nano Twist. This Nano will house all the fitments similar to the older car except the steering functioning. Many Nano owners have reported that standard steering that comes with Nano is a bit tight on low speeds and need a lot of effort. Currently, Tata manages to sell 1600 Nano in a month. With the up gradation to power steering, Tata is also expecting their sales to go up marginally. The ex-showroom price of this car is around 1.25 lakhs. After the introduction of power steering, the cost of the car will go up by Rs. 15,000.