Last updated on – 20th October, 2015

Indians are fond of tashan character and always try new things to emphasis the nature of being smart. The Continental GT is here in India from last 7 plus months and grabbed a good share of citizens in its fan’s list. The era of Royal Enfield will never end, but continental GT is something new for all and for even RE fans. The bike is first of its kind in Indian motorbike industry and after spending a good time here, the future scene of café racers can be easily visualized.

But the shocking aspect of the same industry, which has blown heads of many of my fellows (mine too), was the scheduled arrival of Hero Splendor Pro Classic. This is a trimmed version of the Splendor Pro, with a pinch, or moreover a punch of café racer styling. But the dimensions of this bike, after ogling the continental GT, don’t seem to be well positioned due to the obvious reasons. Hero Motocorp must have deemed of launching an affordable café racer, the result is there with the alleged bike. Sounds good, but not roaring.

RE Continental GT vs Hero Splendor pro classic front compare

The café racer styling has a good significance in the international market, but India is a new atmosphere for it. The good thing is it suits the styling, but, the style quotient is a thing, which must blend well with the power generated by the bike. On one hand we have Splendor Pro Classic which is an energy born baby and might learn to walk like others in the category, while, the second court encompasses Royal Enfield Continental GT, which is considerably big on everything.  I know that there is nothing like a competition between these two bikes, but they are the only contenders in the series currently running in Indian retail.

RE Continental GT vs Hero-Splendor pro classic rear compare

Continental GT was introduced back in the past year’s climax. It is the lightest and most powerful Royal Enfield in India. The bike boasts a superbly designed chassis which has drawn a pittance from Harris performance. The Pirelli sport demon tyres bubble out considerable grip on the road. The stopping potential is endowed from brembo brakes. The whooping engine fills the thrust of power from its 535cc engine, which is adept to churn out 29 PS of power with 44 Nm of torque. These figures are achieved with the assisting 5 speed gear box. The Paioli twin gas-charged shock absorbers at the rear and twin fork front unit endow enough confidence at high speeds.

RE Continental GT vs Hero Splendor pro classic engine compare

Coming to the junior contender, the Splendor Pro Classic is far behind in terms of performance and far ahead in phrase of economy. It can be purchased for a stylish and vintage looking splendor which is a blueprint of any actual café racer. The round headlight and tail light creates a spot of vintage style while maintaining the pinches of years old splendor. It boasts the same engine, which the on roll vehicle is having. With a 97.2cc APDV engine, producing 7.7 BHP and 8.04Nm of power and torque respectively, it produces a joyous city ride, while maintaining economy.  The transmission contains 4 stages of speed, suiting well to the purpose of engine.

The market of café racers can do well in India. Being a new trendsetter here, the public’s infatuation can be seen on the fan pages of existing similar bikes. As I said, the Indians are fond of Tashan factor in everything. The vintage things are always on hike here and these bikes are fulfilling the thrust of both. The options are, however limited, but the scope is immense. It would be good if other companies like Bajaj, Honda and Yamaha would think on this to bring some vehicles, neither so heavy like the RE continental GT, nor so cinch like the splendor pro classic, but something which can heal the purpose of both, may be a 150cc performer.