In just 49 days Arvind Kejriwal’s resigned from the CM’s chair. One of the founding members of “AAP” Prashant Bhushan said that he did not want the Kejriwal Government to fall. However Congress and BJP had created the situation for Kejriwal to resign.


Now Arvind Kejriwal is free to campaign in Lok Sabha elections. “AAP” has also arranged a meeting on Saturday regarding Lok Sabha election and the party will also begin its “Jhadoo Yatra” on Saturday. On Friday, Kejriwal addressing his supporters as C.M. for the last time, his enthusiasm was worth watching. Craze of Kejiwal was still intact among core supporters. But at the national level; Is he able to show his support and trust to voters?

Bhushan said that Governor Jung has dissolved the assembly. Kiran Bedi quoted that, to ensure the good result in Lok Sabha, AAP boosted the Jan Lokpal Bill.

“AAP” has made it clear that they are targeting Modi by giving the new slogan for election “Sheela haari, ab Modi ki baari.” But after the speech of Kejriwal on Friday, he was also in doubt making an issue in Lok Sabha election regarding Mukesh Ambani.

After the resignation of Arvind Kejriwal, President may power Delhi. Kejriwal said that dissolving the assembly, Government should opt for the re-election procedure.