In 3G and 4G, the ‘G’ stands for generation and it just depicts the carry forwardness of technology generation used in phones from 1 to 4th generation. The first generation, 1G worked on wireless technology which was used in phones. Initially, the network was based on the analog telecommunications standards and with the 2G rollout, it shifted the trend from the analog network to digital transmission.

The new tech addition in the phones not only changed phones network but also the browsing on WAP and sending SMS as well. With the 3G upgrade, the video calls, mobile TV, mobile internet access, and quality of wireless calls were improved. Coming to the present generation, there is a hype of 4G network in India. Although 4G is little late than the Western countries in India, at least we have our 4G network now.


When we are talking about 4G, the first thing comes in mind is Reliance Jio 4G network and why don’t it as Jio is the only robust network which assists future development of 4G advancement in the country. 4G in India is highly dominated by reliance Jio which is utilizing its own 4G network and sharing limited spectrum with others.

Here is the detailing about 3G, 4G, LTE-A, and VoLTE:

Evolution From 3G To 4G Network:

From 3G to 4G, the network speed is improved a lot. In support of smartphone being more advanced concerning tech utilities and support for opening a desktop-class website in phones, it is also necessary to improve the network accordingly. Where 3G provides 5-20 Mbps of speeds, the 4G network is able to render 150 Mbps of speeds technically.

From 2G to 3G, the data speed was enhanced a lot and faster streaming and browsing came on trend. Even voice calls improved in a better way comparatively. With the 4G, changes are quite significant in voice calls comparing with 3G network.

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LTE And LTE+ Logic:

The 4G network is offered by Jio and deals with IP based calling where call connects based on a data network. This is the real purpose of 4G but it is not compatible with existing network structure which is built on the 2G/3G network of Airtel and Vodafone. This magnification added a space for implementation of LTE+ which is termed as an advanced form of 4G version.

LTE(Long Term Evolution) refers to a 4G network and in certain countries, LTE+ is termed as LTE-A where A is for advanced. Basically, LTE+ is the advanced version of LTE with few changes which make LTE+ perform faster. LTE+ uses two bands to send data at the instant of time providing reduced congestion and better resultant speeds.

Phone And Network Compatibility:

We are familiar with the fact that each new generation addition creates the older technology equipped phones incompatible. The result is the phone build with keeping 3G in mind, won’t work with 4G network and can work if it has specific hardware in it. But with 4G, even your phone are 4G compatible there can be issues with compatibility.

India is offering 3 bands of 4G which includes 850 MHz, 1800 MHz, and 2300 MHz. The other band 700 MHz is kept safe for future use. In India, Jio has a license of 2300 MHz spectrum for PAN India purpose. As now 4G has some bands and maybe your phone doesn’t support 2300 MHz band and it can make your phone incompatible with 4G. The new phones are upgraded with new techs but phones such as the Nexus 6 are not compatible with pre-Jio 4G networks in India.

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What About VoLTE?

VoLTE means Voice over LTE which renders unified format of voice traffic on LTE, and other systems as well. As Reliance Jio is the only network in India working over IP network, it has set VoLTE as standard which means all voice calls will be on the IP network like calling through the apps.

It also scales up the voice call experience as browsing and talking over the phone at the same time is possible now. With the 3G network, it is not possible to download and message through data services while talking on the phone and getting a call. This problem is sorted out with VoLTE addition.

As per the telecom standard, VoLTE is the only source for delivering Voice services over LTE and VoLTE is meant to facilitate HD voice. This is the true sense of VoLTE and occupation of these services provide the True 4G experience.

This post has explained the meaning of 3G, 4G, LTE+, and VoLTE in detail and now it is sure when the talk will be about these tech topics, you won’t be the one looking for the corner to hide in lack of knowledge about these trendy topics.