There was a time when people used to play outdoor games as per their interest. But with the changing trend, those outdoor games were replaced with indoor games. Furthermore, those indoor games have been replaced with techy games that can easily be taken by the user anywhere with them. According to one of the surveys, a mobile phone user is emotionally attached with a bigger screen smartphone. And, the availability of playing HD games on HD screen is one of its reasons. In total, more than 80% tech gadgets run on Android. So, the craze of playing games on mobiles is also there. Based on the popularity, here are top five Android games that are available free of cost for Play.

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne– Being a Gameloft gaming product, the awesomeness of this game can’t be neglected. The unmatched graphic and amazing gaming experience is really incomparable. With smooth screenplay and easy gaming console make the users to be the hard core fan of this Android game. The point that always surprises to its users is that it is free to download which is really unbelievable.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

2. Real Racing 3: The second in the list is the car racing based sport. With jaw dropping visuals, you can never reply NO for this EA Sports product. Real Racing 3 is a 41 MB game that requires a good gaming smartphone for better experience. If we look at the figures, then near about 5-10 million downloads have been done of this app.

Real Racing 3

3: Blood Brothers: It is a dark fantasy game that revolves around a hero turned into a villain. Astonishing graphics have been used with 8 different Villains available to choose from. It is a 33MB game and can run on an average configuration smartphone. Users with Android 2.2 or later can make use of this app. Till now approx 10-20 million downloads are done.

Blood Brothers

4. Clash of the Clans: A strategy game with childish fun included in it. This Clash of the Clan is another renowned Android game. As per the compatibility of this game, it requires 4.0 or later versions to run upon. This can be a disadvantage of it, but all the same, it is being played by more than 50 million users all over the world.

Clash of the Clans

5. Dead Trigger 2: Afraid of Zombies! To dare with them, here is the fifth tech game in the series. With simple controls on the screen, shoot the devils and protect yourself. With 30 kinds of weapons, you will have a love to play gaming screen. But, be aware that a better sound effect smartphone will be required to get the best experience of it.

Dead Trigger 2

So download one of your favorite game and enjoy the technology. Happy Gaming!