Mobiles are the things that are going to essential part of our life and becoming basic need for any individual. Here we are listing top mobile companies in US, UK and India, according to their sales per unit and total revenue. According to a survey there are 4.5 billion mobile users in the world and a big share of these mobile holders are from these countries.

top 5 mobile companiesSamsung – It is world leader in manufacturing and selling of mobile phones. Company has largest market share of upto 24.7%. With the increase in Android based phone users, Samsung is getting stronger in market. Company serves in around 180 countries around the globe, headquarter is located in South Korea. According to company’s stats, 444 million mobiles sold in year 2013 which shows rise of 2.6 percent compared from last year. Comparing in these countries India is biggest market for mobiles and holds the maximum number of customers of the company.

Nokia – A Finland based company, previously remained undisputed market leader for over two decades falls sales after increase in Android phone users but still able to hold at second position. Nokia has sales in 150 different countries and sold around 61 million mobile handsets in last quarter of 2013. While company faces fall in its sales, as they have about 14 % market share in world which is decreased from 19.1% from year 2012.

Apple – Apple is now third largest mobile seller in US, UK and India. Apple has about 8.3 % of market share of total mobile sales around the globe. Sales of the company is continue to grow but there is drop in average price of the smartphone. The total net income of Apple is around 25 billion USD which makes it some of the wealthiest brands in Mobile world.

LG – It is another South Korean brand in the list with market share upto 3.9 %. Company sold about 17 million products in last quarter of 2013. LG has customers from low budget phones to the premium phones and smartphones. They serve in around 120 countries across the globe, India is the biggest market for this company as compared to US and UK.

Sony – It holds the fifth position in the mobile selling in these three countries. Sony holds a market share of about 2.6 % around the globe. Company has increase its market share from previous years as they had around 1.9 % market share in year 2012.Company sold about 30.39 million of mobile handsets. Company has headquartered in its home country that is Japan.