India is a country of miracles. It has produced many gems which are writing their history of victory. They started their journey with a very ordinary job, and moved slowly and precisely towards the zone of jewels. A number of Indians are holding top ranks in terms of total wealth they have attained.  In the recent survey of Forbes India magazine, the wealth chart is revealing the fact that top 65 people out of the 100 richest people in India are billionaire. This makes a huge capital of around 250 billion dollars in totality of these 100 people. Here is the list and description of the top 10 billionaires in India:

Mukesh Ambani1.    Mukesh Ambani
Mukesh Ambani is the chairperson of reliance industries and successor of his father Dhiru Bhai Ambani’s empire. He is 56 in age and owns a number of Industries established by him and his predecessors. He is residing in his 27 storied house in Mumbai and has a total capital of $21 billion.

Lakshmi Mittal 2.    Lakshmi Mittal
Lakshmi Mittal is ranked at 2nd position in terms of richness. He is also known as the Steel King due to his strong steel industries. He is one of the most powerful people among top Indians. He is the owner and chairperson of Arcelor Mittal which is known for its best quality steel production. He is residing currently in London and owns a total property of $16 billion

Dilip Shanghvi3.    Dilip Shanghvi
Dilip Shanghvi is the owner of one of the most valued pharmaceutical/drug company. He is the founder and chairperson of Sun Pharmaceuticals. He has produced many drugs which are Elixir for the treatment of Cancer and Diabetes. He has ranked at the 3rd place in the top 10 richest people’s list and has a total property of $13.9 billion

4.    Azim Premji
Azim PremjiAzim Premji is a technology tycoon and owner/founder of Wipro. From the last survey he has got a drop in the Forbes richest people’s list but has acquired a good hike in terms of total income. He also contributes his experience in politics and supports to increase the tax on rich personalities. Currently he is the owner of $13.8 billion.

Pallonji Mistry5.    Pallonji Mistry
Pallonji Mistry is the hierophant of Shapooji Pallonji. He also the share holder of Tata Group and has been benefitted with that. Pallonji’s Son, Cyrus Mistry is the chairperson of Tata Group and holds highest number of shares of the company. Tata Consultancy Services has now become the second largest IT firm after IBM. Shapoorji has a gross property of $12.5 billion.

Hinduja Brothers6.    Hinduja Brothers
Hinduja Brothers are one of the top business tycoons of India with 37 loci across the globe. The chairperson and co-founder of the company Srichand P Hinduja along with his brothers Gopichand, Prakash and Ashok has reformed the company’s image with great turn over and business. These brothers have a total balance of $9 billion.

Shiv Nadar7.    Shiv Nadar
Shiv Nadar is the preceptorial of HCL systems. He has rosed to 7th position from 13th with his hard work and dedication. He has contributed a lot in the field of IT and has received Padma Bhushan for his great pittance. He was also included in the Forbes magazine’s “48 Heroes of Philanthropy”. His total wealth is $8.6 billion.

Adi Godrej8.    Adi Godrej
Adi Godrej is the owner of 112 years old firm and head of the family. They had started their carrier in the field of consumer durable goods and they are now versed in the field of all such products including security, real estate, industries, machinery, home appliances, consumer durable goods etc. he has received many awards for his contribution including Rajiv Gandhi award and Padma Bhushan. His total wealth is $8.3 billion.

Kumar Birla9.    Kumar Birla
Kumar Birla is one of the fastest growing Indian ho has attained a prestigious position in a minor time period of 18 years by increasing the total business from $2 billion to $40 billion. He attained a new milestone in the field of industries. Currently he is the owner of Ultra tech cement industries and has a total wealth of $7.6 billion.

Sunil Mittal10.    Sunil Mittal
Sunil Mittal is the owner and founder of Bharti AirTel ltd. with a total of 275 million customers worldwide; he has become one of the richest persons with Indian origin. He started his carrier in April 1976 with Rs.20,000 and today he has made them counting in billions. His company behaves in a vital role for the telecom sector of India’s communication field. He is the owner of a gross property of $6.6 billion