4 Awesome Tips To Increase Your Bike Performance

Generally, it has been noticed that post few years your bike mileage and speed does not remain the same as of the time when purchased. The considered reason behind is the inconsistent servicing of the bike after few years that results in the decrement in performance. Ultimately you have to sell it out or it will taste the dust staying at home.

But now you don’t have to take tension because we are going to suggest something that will not only transform your bike into a superbike but also the mileage of your bike will increase. Actually, you have to make some changes to turn your bike into superbike and once again the bike will start performing like the new one.

4 Awesome Tips To Increase Your Bike Performance

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Air Filter

If you are in trouble owing to the low speed of your bike, first of all, change the air filter of your bike as soon as possible. In fact, after some time the bike air filter stop working properly as it gets saturated with dust and carbon particulates. The air filter plays a vital role in sending air to the engine and the saturated filter does not become able to send fresh air to the engine and speed decreases.



Generally, bikes come equipped with the stock exhaust that pretty heavier. If it is replaced with the normal exhaust both the speed and mileage will automatically be increased.

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Extra Weight:

Extra weight on your bike owing to modification also decreases bike mileage. Elimination of these additional parts relatively increases the mileage of the bike.

Thinner Tyres:

Thinner Tyres

Equipment of broader and big tyres just for show off reduces the speed and mileage of the bike. If they are swapped with the thinner tyres the speed and mileage will automatically rise up.