Operating system in a mobile device is just like the soul of a device which gives strength of vitality to them for being indulge in piece of work. And, when talking about the backbone of smartphones, we have found only two names because of their approachability and serviceability. The names are Android and iOS. Both have always been trying to impress their users with several new innovations and creative ideas. In the foray of this, Apple and Google both rivals had taken off the curtains from their new and very advanced platform and labeled them iOS 8 and Android L, respectively.

There are lots of similarities and dissimilarities in both, which create hoopla en masse. As, both rivals had made entry by their own Developer Conferences, held in the month of June on different dates and times (WWDC 2014 on June 2 and Google I/O 2014 on June 26). The further details of both OSes’ own concepts and own paths are described below.

iOS 8 and Android L


The amiability of both can be seen easily by their behavior and outer appearances. Going to iOS 8 or to Android L; both have dropped a bombshell for world. As we all know that, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” And this old saying has been substantiated by Apple and Google impeccably. Some of them are:

  • New Material Design Interface in Android L
  • Android display modes for Color Blinds
  • Handoff and Continuity in iOS 8
  • Customization feature of iOS 8

Common and Uncommon of Android L and iOS 8


It always happens when some big comes; it comes along with some nasty falls also. So, how can we think that the biggest announcements of the year in technology world will be left untouched from it? Let’s go over from some weak points of both:

  • Apple’s Spotlight UI is extremely unpleasant
  • iOS 8 will run slow on older iPhones
  • Switch Accounts is arduous and will create confusion
  • Google Voice Integration is Missing in Android L

User Interface:

When talking about iOS 8, there is no major change in visual appearance of the new one, as Apple has replaced skeuomorphic design into Flat design in its iOS 7. The Swift programming language and OS X development you can’t imagine what will provide users. To make developers relax in coding section and to prohibit errors to come, here is iOS 8.

Android L and iOS 8 UI

On the other side, Android L comes to knock your socks off with a complete new user interface along with a new concept called Material Design. There are lots of amazing features to see in the new Android OS which is more responsive, more attractive, more colorful and more juggling in nature.

The major changes which iOS 8 and Android L have received are:


A complete new keyboard is provided with Android L as an app with more accuracy in fingers which is not much different from the previous one like word prediction, auto-correction etc. While the iOS 8 added intelligent word predictions to its keyboard. The intelligence is just impeccable and prediction can’t be ignored in the keyboard when you are sending an email or a message.

iOS 8 and Android L Keyboard

Search and Voice Command:

Android L gets the updated ‘OK Google’ which will let users to search any item from the lock screen also. Although, the updated Google Search has already come in the market for Android devices. On the other side, iOS 8 has SIRI to listen voice triggers. When you say ‘Hey SIRI’, it starts to search the relevant search. But there is a demerit, the device should be plugged into a power source and the SIRI interface should be open on your iPhone to take the benefit of the device.

SIRI and OK GoogleNotification:

There are lots of similarities in the notification panel of both Oses. Android L has added more accessibility in the notification by displaying them on the lock screen. Even users will also have the option of prioritizing and hiding the notifications as per their choice and requirement. When going to the notification section of iOS 8, then Apple has blessed its users with more interactive notification panel which lists the user’s daily schedule and weather forecast and all contains in a separate tab. Popups shows on the top of the screen to make it less interfering.

Android L and iOS 8 Notification


There are many other amazing features also which make both operating systems better. However there is no confirmation that, will both have the capability to stay in smartphone market. Simply finding these similarities and dissimilarities, we cannot make any decision about both. We are trying to just explore the information regarding the latest software platforms with their splendid features. Rank Android L and iOS 8 is not an easy task while both are following the improved design and features. We can simply say that Android L and iOS 8 both will stand in the market because of their improved features and may turn into the biggest rewarding platforms of Google and Apple respectively.