delhi policeA large terror attack was averted in Delhi when Delhi police special cell on Thursday arrested Lashkar-e-Taliba’s suspected terrorist from Mewat. The terrorist name is Mohammad Shahid, 28 years old, who was plotting to attach Delhi markets, Delhi Police claimed. He is also an Imam in a mosque of Mewat.

Delhi police has claimed that Mohammad Shahid was plotting to attack Delhi’s markets. If according to sources it is believed there is another Imam of Mewat Mosque is an ally to Mohammad Shahid, who is also a terrorist and Delhi Police is in search of him. According to sources the attack plot was known from Shahid’s dairy. It is being said that Shahid has gone two times in Pakistan and said to have relationship with Javed Baluchi of Lashkar.

Baluchi is plotting in Pakistan while in India operation was under Shahid. His phone calls were traced and it is speculated that there are half a dozen phone calls from Baluchi on different numbers in Delhi.

Source : AajTak