It’s not surprising to say that whenever Indian team comes on the field for playing the match some records break and some new records add in the cricket records book. Really, Indian Cricket team is the best side of the world cricket at this time. Now Team India is ready to create another historic record to make highest runs in ODI. When India will play its first ODI against South Africa on 5 December and make first run of the inning then India will become the highest run making team in ODI.

Team India

At present this record is in the hand of Australian Cricket team. Australian team have played total 825 ODI and set the record 182881 runs. It’s very interesting destiny between both the team that both are having equal runs right now in ODI. India also has same runs in ODI but played 841 matches.

If we will talk about winning ratio between both the teams then here also Australia leading its winning matches is 505 whereas India has only 423 winning matches. Pakistan Team on third position with 171982 runs in 807 matches. After this Sri Lanka: 146365 runs, West Indies: 145260 runs come in this list. One of the biggest competitor of India is South Africa has 111411 runs in 501 ODI. Now it’s not looking very easy task for Australia to defeat to India in the battle of Runs because India will play 3 ODI in SA after this in New Zealand tour will play 5 ODI. Whereas Australia will play in this span of time only 5 ODI series against England after Ashes series.

Team Total Run Matches
India 182881 841
Australia 182881 825
Pakistan 171982 807
Sri Lanka 146365 610
West Indies 145260 705
South Africa 111411 501