After offering the Diwali deals on the passenger cars, the Tata Motors now have offered the deals on its pickup trucks as well. The very famous Ace pickup truck has the best deals along with the Xenon pickup as well. Here below are the deals to avail for you:

Tata Xenon Pickup: The famous Tata Xenon Pickup will allow to get the INR 62,000 savings.

Tata Ace Zip: The pickup truck will bring the INR 35,000 savings to the customers who are going to buy this mini vehicle on this festive season.

Tata Super Ace: The other cousin of the Ace pickup, that is Tata Super Ace will get INR 56,000 savings.

Tata Ace: The Tata Ace will get INR 47,500 discount on the pickup truck.

Tata Motors Pickup Truck Diwali 2014 Offers

So I guess, if you’re planning to start a new business that involves buying a pickup load truck, then its the right time to buy these Tata trucks.