Why this ancient festival called as Holi? As mentioned in holy books that the word Holi is originated from the word Holika, which is the name of the sister of Hiranyakashipu (A daemon according to legendary stories). Holi is celebrated as death of Holika by burning Holika (burn dry timber and treating them as Holika) and celebrates as the end of bad things.

holi storyThere is also a story behind the celebration of Holi. Braj, the birth place of Lord Krishna, fills with one another story which narrates that Holi is solemnized as Festival of Love. As story says Lord Krishna has blue skin and Radha, his beloved, has fair skin. Lord Krishna’s mother was despaired with the color difference from all other gopiya including Radha. She said Krishna to color Radha’s face with any color and due to this mythology, the festival is also celebrated in the adoration of Radha-Krishna. So this is the festival of unfading love of Radha for Lord Krishna.

It is also celebrated as ‘forget and forgive each and every past grievance’.