Last updated on – Mar 30, 2016

Have you decided your dream motorbike? Now you might be confused about the brand born schemes and deal terminating options. Some manufacturers offer some good deals to their customers which attract them for their products. It is good to avail those offers if they are really beneficial. Not only manufacturers, but dealers also endow such schemes including exchange bonus, loyalty bonus, free accessories etc. But it is really important to patiently have a tour of other showrooms in the city and nearby regions to get a good value of your motorbike. Here I have described some research over the same.

Exact price, Hidden charges

hidden cost and fees of motorbikes

It often happens that dealer and salesperson talk to you in a very well mannered way or a clever manner. It might happen that they won’t tell you the hidden prices and/or the price of variant that you have chosen. Such tricks might disturb your patience during the final payment and hence one should ask clearly everything and then proceed for any kind of legal document process. Some people are indulged in such businesses are quite smart to fool the customer by including some minor charges.

Off Dealer Research

The seller has to sell their products, it’s their duty as well as bread and butter. But as a customer, we should check for everything related to the final quality output which we will be getting at the shore.  So it’s better to check for the options available in the city.

check price of motorbike at various dealerships

You can even try for a well maintained used motorbike. Searching such a thing would be a tough task to do but it would be very cost effective. At this moment you need to check for the approximate price of a second hand motorbike.

Warrantee Issues

Warrantee is an important freebie which every company provides to their customers. It’s actually not a free gift; rather it must be treated as a right. As you are going to purchase a fresh and newly built motorbike, you won’t be aware of the issues that you will be facing in the future.

ask for warranty related issue of motorbike

However, manufacturers always tests their each bike before dispatching it to the showroom, but after riding it for a good amount of kilometers or for some months, you will get to know the missing or unfamiliar behavior of your bike. Such faults will be covered under the warranty as per the respective company’s policy.

Financing options:

Financing a motorbike would be a good idea if you are unable to pay the complete amount of your motorbike at once. Several dealers and manufacturers have collaborated with some good banks which provide great deals. One can get the same in-house or they can even visit another bank of their choice. Loan is a big thing which must be understood carefully.

finance your motorbike somewhere

Loans and their terms often become very difficult to understand, for this you can take some friend of yours who can deal with that financial language because many people still do not understand the difference between simple interest and compound interest.


It’s good to purchase a brand new motorbike because the feel and smooth edges feels good. If it’s tough to pay the demanding amount for a new bike, one can choose either financing it or going for a second hand one. Both these options should be carried out carefully and under some expert’s guidance.

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