In today’s time, a common problem that we all face is heavy traffic on the roads. No matter which country you reside in, there is traffic everywhere. It seems like the number of vehicles on the road is possibly much more than the actual population of a given area. Even though there are so many mediums, yet it’s never helpful enough to transit with ease. So, if you are fed up with the day-to-day nuisance posed by the public transport, (which you obviously are), this one is going to bring a relaxing smile on your face.

SkyTran Arrangement

What are the odds of taking the air route while travelling to work every day? Well obviously it is not the private jet we are referring to. Brace yourself for what follows next! Something that you probably have never thought of! Here is the future of transportation that might have sounded like a distant reality, about decades ago. Sky Tran, a company that operates under the vigilance of NASA, is all set to introduce a highly advanced transportation system that will take the meaning of technological innovations to a whole another level.

Inside View of SkyTran Cabin

In a recent Skype chat between Economic Times and Mr Jerry Sanders, the CEO of SkyTran, the latter has explained his official plans as to how the project will be implemented and what the future prospects of this transit system are, particularly in India. Here are the details:

A team of engineers led by Mr Ankur Bhatnagar has developed a technique that makes use of magnetic levitations known as Eddy Currents. In this arrangement, two poles measuring 18 inches wide are set up that act as a supporting system for eggshell-like cabins commuting from one place to another, much like a ropeway. It is going to be a low cost affair and hence people will be able to travel at an affordable rate that too way more quickly than the present mediums of transport. Mr Sanders claims that a journey of hours could be covered in minutes with the help of this latest technology.

SkyTran Moving above a swarm of cars

And if you are wondering whether it will make its way to India or not, well it is!

Regarding the actual implementation of this project, Sanders says that it is going to kick off in November in Tel Aviv, Israel. He has also shown a keen interest in setting up this transit system in Asia, particularly in India. Since there is so much of population and heavy traffics on the road, India surely needs such a revolutionary and economic mechanism. Apart from being fast and economical in nature, SkyTran has a competitive edge over the current transport system. There are no stations required to be built as these egg-like cabins will be moving swiftly in and out of buildings. Also, there won’t be any fixed schedule and passengers won’t have to wait for their turn like they do in Metros. You can simply travel as and when required safely without being troubled by the hustle and bustle, which is quite common in the public transport.

SkyTran Setup in Tel Aviv, Israel

SkyTran has received huge investments form Google and it has also got the technological assistance from Tesla Motors that is a prominent player in offering electric cars to the world. To enter Indian shores, the organisation is still seeking investment opportunities. As per the company’s plans, the first SkyTran transit will be established in Kerala. Discussions are going on for the same in locations like Jaipur, Delhi and Mumbai.

Once the project gets approved and other important formalities are completed, we would be able to witness a huge change in our lifestyle owing to this upcoming transit. It is hard to predict about how successful it will be in India, but after reading this blog, I am sure you people are eagerly waiting for SkyTran to get started in the country.