rajiv-gandhi-caseNews of prison-free the killers of former PM Rajiv Gandhi, is blazing out in India. Tamil Nadu government has decided to liberate all 7 slaughterers of former PM Rajiv Gandhi. Tamil Nadu CM Jaylalitha said on Wednesday that they have already spent almost 23 years in imprisonment. Under section 432 of CrPc, state cabinet has to take decision to release them which is chaired by Jayalalitha.

She also said that Tamil Nadu government has given 3 days to central to respond back to this decision, otherwise the Tamil Nadu state will set them free. Laws said that state government has full rights to release any prisoner who spent around 14 years in imprisonment.

On the account of state cabinet decision, Union government moved to Supreme Court on Thursday against the Jayalalitha’s action of prison-free the killers of Rajiv Gandhi. Centre files the petition against the move of Jaylalitha which has been heard by Apex Court.

Centre government writes in its petition about removal of the last paragraph which sentence prisoners’ remission. Tamil Nadu government wanted to release convicts of “Rajiv Gandhi Murder Case” including female convict Nalini.

Some people are happy with decision of Tamil Nadu government, where some believe that it’s all political tactics.

Rahul Gandhi, Congress President has express their melancholy and said “If a Prime Minister’s killers can be released, what kind of justice should the common man expect?” He also added that Jaylalitha could try to gain political point.