Big Boss finale has begun and you can witness multiple performances by former contestant of Big Boss 7 but everyone’s eyes are waiting for the winner of Big Boss7. Who will win the Big Boss 7 this time? There are 4 contestants left in the Big Boss 7 including Sangram Singh, Gauhar Khan, Tanisha Mukherjee and Ajaz Khan.

The chances and sources indicate more towards Sangram Singh who is perhaps said to be leading in the vote of audiences but nothing can be said now. The final is today and countdown has begun for unveiling of Big Boss 7 winner. The winner could be anyone but he/she will get a whopping amount of Rs. 1 crore.

sangram winner of bigg boss 7

Big Boss 7 is one of the most watched reality shows on Television network which include everything in it like affairs, fakes, drama, love, bluff etc. It is a game show format in which some celebrities are kept in a house for a period of 90 days and given some tasks to complete with which they earn some points and immunity from nomination.

This time Big Boss 7 show is something different than earlier versions in which celebrities are divided into Heaven and Hell section. 90 days of Big Boss 7 is going to complete and now it’s time for the finale. There are many rumors and news about the winner but it is still not confirmed that who will get crowned for winner. So if you want to know then watch today’s Big Boss 7 episode at 9 PM and see the unveiling of Big Boss 7 winning contender.