“Legends are born or Legends are made”, we cannot say anything about these things because both have their own different significance in different times yet there is always a comparison, as it is being done between two great Legends of Cricket: Sir Don Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar. There are many experts who are comparing these two saying who is the better than other in the game of Cricket? But the talk is that the legends cannot be compared. They can only be remembered and put on throne.

sachin vs bradmanSachin Tendulkar and Sir Don Bradman are two great batsmen of their time so comparison is not possible. Even though some say Sir Don Bradman is superior or some say Sachin but there is no exact answer. Sir Don Bradman has the average of 99.94 and perhaps in the 123 years of Cricket history no one could come near it and on the other side Tendulkar has the average of 53.86 in Tests, 32.90 in domestic Twenty20s and 44.38 in ODIs.

Both are players of their time and great. Both have their records that perhaps could not be broken in coming time and we can only remember them as the two greatest landmarks in the history of cricket.