Sony and Microsoft are famous for their gaming consoles that offer best gaming experience. A gaming market worth 67 billion dollars is targeted by these consoles. Sony Playstation is cheaper than Microsoft’s Xbox one. Microsoft Xbox’s cost is more due to its advanced features. Sony PS4 is used for hard core gaming while Xbox one targets ordinary game lovers. Sony’s PS4 is first choice because of its low price. Sony’s collection of games doesn’t need any internet connection for start-up while the Xbox one require authentication once in 24 hours.
sony vs microsoftBoth the gaming consoles posses same functionality like graphics processor, 8 GB of system memory and a 500 GB hard disk to save your games. Microsoft has Kainekt 2.0 camera which is not present in PS4. User need to purchase a camera additionally for PS4. Gesture control feature is available in Playstation 4 but it’s missing in Xbox. PS4 had a few difficulties during its initial sale. The blue screen was the main object which was discovered to be the problem and the failure rate had become 0.4%. Xbox had also faced few problems in its initial stage with the hard drive and many customers had reported for the issue. Know about upcoming pc games in India.

If you look at the gaming console then individually, both have better ways. If you are fond of hard core gaming, then PS4 will surely be your choice, but if you want some innovations and additional features then Xbox could become your partner.