Highway directed by great Imtiaz Ali, who directed some good movies like Rockstar, Socha Na Tha. He is a director who understands how to present the relationships which makes his movies so real. In Highway, Imtiaz was trying to do different things with his own way but he takes the movie far away of being real. Here he is not able to gather all issues perfectly. At the point of entertainment, this film is very slow and makes audience bore.

highway-movie-reviewIn the story, Alia Bhatt who is playing the role as Veera, daughter of a well settled businessman. She is about to get married but she is stuck in families pre-wedding traditions and want to hang out for the fresh air and nature so one night she insisted her fiancé to take her out for a long drive. But he was afraid because the night for girls is not safe. That entire she convinced him. While driving she gets kidnapped by some culprits at a gas station. After that the film goes with a very slow pace and one after other the situation gets changed in a truck. After girl’s agitation, the group of kidnappers comes to know that she is daughter of well known businessman who can go to any extent to get her back. Mahabir (Randeep Hooda), the leader of group doesn’t like the wealthy people of society and wants to prove himself. So he doesn’t want to free the girl.

After get kidnapped and spending hard time in between kidnappers, she enjoys the road journey. She gets mixed up with them and has a good time. She requests one man to buy English music CD and has dance with them. This is not the one; there are more other scenes which show the excitement of Veera. When the truck catches by the police, instead of running away she hides herself in the truck. Mahabir gets surprised by her such behavior. He realizes by his deed of kidnapping. Now he wants to free the girl but she doesn’t let him do. She does every possible effort to be there with the truck and the kidnappers. But there is nothing special to get attached with them.

It may be real to enjoy the journey with its own kidnappers but for a person who is born in the life of luxury cannot stay for a long time with them. Affection for beauty and nature is one thing but for this to make life terrible is unrealistic. The girl’s family is taking every possible step but no one recognizing the girl, it seems fake.

There is another issue in the movie that the girl gets sexually abused by his uncle when she was too young. But this incident doesn’t suit the flow of movie.

Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda play their role but there is nothing more for them to do. Rahman’s music also makes mood. There is no vulgarity in the movie so it can be seen by family and friends. Overall it is an average movie which shows nothing new to impress the audience. The incidents are common and sometimes it appears unrealistic. More upcoming movies in 2014.