It seems to BJP will be the next ruling party in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi and Chhattisgarh. The Some news agencies shows the facts which came forward in surveys taken by them. The agencies which took part in this survey are CNN-IBN, The Week and CSDS. These surveys are giving the hints of next government to be in the favor of BJP.

ibn live exit pollsAs per the survey, the BJP is able to grab 57 seats out of total 72 Parliamentary constituencies in these 4 locations. It a hike of 27 seats that it won in 2009 and more than 15 seats that it has emitted in the July 2013 elections. In case of congress the survey estimate was 15 seats higher than what they actually got. That means, congress had received a drop of 28 seats from 40. But here it not possible to foreshow that which Party will actually rule in survey tally of UPA and NDA because there are 471 seats are remaining out of 543 Parliamentary constituencies.2014 Lok Sabha election Exit Polls