The smartphone industry is at buzz with many latest smartphones with great specifications and innards. Today buyers have many options but often they got confused before buying the one for themselves. So, in order to make it a hassle free buy, here, we have penned down a comparison among the two latest smartphones launched at recently i.e. OnePlus 5T and Pixel 2. After going through this post a buyer will be in a position to take an adamant decision.

OnePlus 5T V/S Pixel 2

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OnePlus 5T vs Pixel 2: Specs Compared

Both the Google’s Pixel 2 mobile phones comes with the latest version of Android — i.e. 8.0 Oreo. On the other hand, the OnePlus 5T lags behind as it has been incorporated with 7.1.1 Nougat based on company’s own OxygenOS.

Though it appears that OnePlus 5T has the lower Android variant but it must be noted that OxygenOS isn’t much different from stock Android. It comes with a number of essential features like App Locker and Parallel Apps, that allows you to lock many apps. It also has Do Not Disturb app that can be used while playing Games. OnePlus 5T has many special and exclusive features like – Face Unlock, which is much faster than the one present on the Pixel 2 smartphones.

Coming to the Pixel 2 series, Google with the use of Oreo has equipped a specific feature named ‘Active Edge’ as Pixel 2-specific features. With the help of this, a user can activate the Google Assistant by Squeezing the side of the handset. Both Pixels comes with an Ambient Display feature that functions as an always-on lock screen during the sleep mode of the device and can also identify any music playing nearby.

Another very significant and most specific feature that comes in the Goole Pixel 2 is Google Lens which allows the users to point the device’s cameras at a person, place or object, and get the relevant, context-aware actions, like reviews, directions, and more. This amazing feature is the result of the in its highly advanced Google’s AI.

Internal Storage64/128 GB64/128 GB

ColorsJust Black, Clearly White, Kinda BlueMidnight Black

Specifications Google Pixel 2 OnePlus 5T
OS Android 7.1.1 (Nougat) Android 7.1.1 (Nougat)
Processor Octa-core (4×2.35 GHz Kryo & 4×1.9 GHz Kryo) Octa-core (4×2.45 GHz Kryo & 4×1.9 GHz Kryo)
Display Size 5.0 inches, 1080 x 1920 pixels 6.01 inches, 1080 x 2160 pixels
Display Type AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors Optic AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
RAM 4 GB 6/8 GB
Primary Camera 12.2 MP 20 MP + 16 MP
Secondary Camera 8 MP 16 MP
Camera Features f/1.8, OIS, Phase detection & laser autofocus, Dual-LED flash, 1/2.6 f/1.7, 27mm, EIS (gyro), Phase detection autofocus, dual-LED flash, 1/2.8
Battery Type 2700 mAh, Non-removable Li-ion 3300 mAh, Non-removable Li-Po battery

OnePlus 5T V/S Pixel 2 Display:

In the Pixel 2 series, one is 5-inch Pixel 2 and another is 6-inch Pixel 2 XL. As both the displays have been manufactured by different companies they come with different features. On the other hand, the OnePlus 5T comes with 6-inch display and both the Pixel 2 and this have Samsung AMOLED displays with resolutions of 1920 x 1080 for the Pixel 2, and 2160 x 1080 for the OnePlus 5T. As the Pixel 2 comes with the same number of — well, in a smaller space, hence it has greater density, resulting in sharper impact. Both the smaller Pixel 2 and OnePlus 2 have two solid screens with amazing viewing angles, brightness and color choice for the display modes. Apart from these similar effects, it has a distinguished sRGB and DC1-P3 color profiles for more vivid colors. The Pixel 2 comes with the sRGB as the standard color feature and are capable of boosting up saturation by 10 percent.

OnePlus 5T V/S Pixel 2 Display

Now coming to the Pixel 2 XL which has been incorporated into the LG made the display with 2880 x 1440 panel. The device in regards to the display has faced many issues after the launch and a “black smear” effect was reported from the nook and corner of this planet, where the dark content moves across the display. It must be noted that Google has fixed this issue and intended to improve the color and burn-in concerns, but some issues are still waiting to be resolved like – paper-like texture, and its visibility at off-center angles which is tinged with a blue cast.

After the deeper introspect we can say that OnePlus 5T and Pixel 2 are good, when talked about the display, but Google Pixel 2 XL lags behind in this segment. Overall we can say that in display segment OnePlus 5T has an upper hand over the Pixel 2 devices.

OnePlus 5T V/S Pixel 2 Design:

On the design front, the elegcamerasant look because of the unibody anodized aluminum construction makes OnePlus 5T very elegant and attractive. Whereas, the Google Pixel 2 XL comes with the metal design with a glass accent construction that provides water-resistance properties, but frankly this device lacks the beauty present in the OnePlus 5T. Further, OnePlus 5T has USB Type-C connections and rear-planted fingerprint sensors, along with headphone jack that also just enhances the utility factor of OnePlus 5T over the Pixel 2. But, it’s worth mentioning that video lovers are going to love the sound quality of the Pixel 2 XL thanks to the dual front-firing speakers.

OnePlus 5T V/S Pixel 2 Design

OnePlus 5T V/S Pixel 2 User Interface:

As we know that Pixel 2 smartphones are made by Google itself, hence, it has the most advanced Android i.e Oreo. Whereas, OnePlus OxygenOS on 5T follows the same clean features that are made available because of stock Android on the Pixel 2. But we have to agree that Pixel 2 being a Google device is more trustable for the advanced Android experience. So, in this segment, we can say that Pixel 2 devices are ahead.

OnePlus 5T V/S Pixel 2 Processor and Memory:

Both the Pixel 2 and OnePlus 5T comes with similar processor i.e the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. The OnePlus 5T comes in two variants of 6GB RAM with the 64GB model and another of 8GB RAM with the 128GB variant. While, the Pixel 2 XL is available in 64GB and 128GB memory variants, but just have 4GB of RAM at most. So, when going by the price at which all these are available it’s quite clear that OnePlus 5T beats the Google Pixel 2 with the huge margin.

OnePlus 5T vs Pixel 2 V/S Pixel 2 XL Cameras Comparision:

Since the launch, the Google Pixel 2 XL has been in the news for the AI based camera integrated to it. However, on the other hand, the OnePlus 5T has attracted the attention with its dual-rear camera and performance. It is damn true the 12-MP camera of Google Pixel 2 is capable of providing the same effect as produced by the 20MP dual-cameras of OnePlus 5T.

It’s worth pointing out that the OnePlus 5T works really well under the low light and comes with many modes for amazing images with the help of it’s slicing technology and wider aperture of f/1.7. On the basis of some pictures taken from both the flagship mobiles – Pixel 2 XL offers optical image stabilizations, however, the OnePlus 5T does it electronically. The ravishing images from the single camera of Pixel 2 in many of the portrait shots which seem to a bit lagging in the OnePlus 5T from the front camera. So, on the basis of above analysis, it can be said that the Pixel 2 smartphones are better in this segment – thanks to AI feature of the handsets.

OnePlus 5T Camera:

OnePlus 5T Camera

Low Light Camera


Selfie Camera | Front Camera Test:

OnePlus 5T Selfie Camera

Bokeh Effect Camera


Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2 Camera


Low Light Camera


Selfie Camera | Front Camera Test:


Bokeh effect Camera


OnePlus 5T vs Pixel 2 V/S Pixel 2 XL Software and Special Features:

As expected, Google’s Pixel 2 mobiles have the latest version of Android i.e. 8.0 or Ore, while, the OnePlus 5T lags a behind with 7.1.1 Nougat featuring the company’s own OxygenOS. The availability of the stack Android in the Google Pixel 2 makes it eligible for all the latest updates coming in the future. It must be understood that OnePlus 5T has Android Nought, but, still very fast and capable of functioning very smoothly.

OnePlus 5T vs Pixel 2 V/S Pixel 2 XL Performance:

All three smartphones we are comparing here comes with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor, but, the Pixel 2 devices have almost 4GB RAM whereas the OnePlus 5T can be bought either in 6GB or 8GB. This means that the OnePlus 5T has the ability to keep more apps and background processes running at the same time and can perform more tasks without getting slow. This must not be taken as that Pixel 2 is slow — it’s just that the OnePlus 5T is faster than it in some sense. The OnePlus 5T can be given an upper hand in this regard just because of its price, otherwise, both are neck-to-neck in this segment.

OnePlus 5T vs Pixel 2 V/S Pixel 2 XL Durability:

Durability, though found rarely in any comparison articles but plays a very important role in making up the minds of buyers before taking the final decision. Here, when going by both has made it clear that none of these are completely water-resistant. The back of the Pixel 2 is made up of glass while that of the OnePlus 5T is made of metal, making it thinner and less fragile, hence in this regard, OnePlus 5T appears more durable.

OnePlus 5T vs Pixel 2 V/S Pixel 2 XL Battery:

The Pixel 2 XL has a bigger battery of 3520 mAh battery than OnePlus 5T that comes with a lower capacity of 3300 mAh battery, but, this doesn’t mean that its underdog here. The lower screen resolution compensates that.

Both have their own quick charging technologies, which are pretty similar when considering the time they take to recharge the devices.

On the endurance front, as Pixel 2 XL won this with a time of 12:09 Hours of battery life, while the smaller Pixel lasted in 11:07 Hours and the OnePlus 5T lasted in 11:22 Hours. In simple, we can say that all three are capable of lasting for a day.

OnePlus 5T vs Pixel 2 V/S Pixel 2 XL Price:

The OnePlus 5T is simply better at the given price of Approx. Rs. 32,999. However, the Pixel 2 is priced at Rs. 61,000 and Rs. 73,000 for Pixel 2 XL. Going by the specs and all the segments above, we can easily state that OnePlus 5T is a better bargain than the Google Pixel 2.


Going by all the aspects, which are deeply introspected in the above article, one can clearly figure out that in many segments OnePlus 5T is much ahead. However, in some cases, Goole Pixel 2 is ahead. But, overall one can say that OnePlus 5T is the judicious buy to make – as it’s price range gives it the much higher ranking than both the Google Pixel 2. But, If you are a die-hard fan of Google and is willing to get the latest benefits from it, one can go for either of the Pixel 2 variants.
I just hope that above article will prove worthy and informative to the readers and will help them while deciding to make the purchase. Suggestions and recommendations are heartily welcomed and if you have any query about any smartphones out there, do comment in below for t6he help.